Friday, February 8, 2013

29 Weeks...

3rd Trimester, ya'll!

I still can't believe it. 
One thing I wasn't fully prepared for was how tired I would be through pregnancy. It's as if two people are sucking all the energy out of me ;-)
My bedtime, 7:30, no lie. 
I come home from work every night around 5:00 and I can barely walk the dog and make dinner. 
All I wanna do is put on my sweat pants and let these big puppies that are now my breast breathe.
The weekends are nice because I can enjoy my 2:00 naps. 
Better sleep while I can, right? 
Isn't that what all the mom's say.

Nevertheless, I've been MIA from my blog. Due to all this sleeping that's taken place in my life.

But one thing we Matt hasn't been slacking on is the twins nursery!
Do you sorta die and then fall in love? 
I know I did. Matt and I really are such a good team. 
I wanted stripes, he wanted chair rail molding. The end result is this cuteness. 
We got the cribs built too,check that one off the list.
But I still have my baby shower's from my mom and my girlfriends so hopefully I'll get all the twins bedding and other accessories for their nursery. 

This also happened in the process of all my sleeping..
My belly GREW! 

Now it's definitely big, but don't judge me yet because I still have about 11 more weeks left. 

My sister's friend Kristen took these maternity pictures for me. She is starting a photography company and wanted a model. And since my body is in tip-top shape and all, she had to have me ;-) 

But honestly I don't mind the big belly because I know that the twins are doing great and are healthy and strong!
Today I did notice something odd in the mirror at work.
I had one of those, double take mirror situations happen. 
It was as if something was staring back at me...
My belly button. 
My deep dark whole of a belly button has consider coming out. 
I don't know if one of the twins was trying to push it out or if it's a start of this pooped out belly button thing that I hear happens during pregnancy.
Whatever it is, it took me back for a minute. 
As of now, it's still an inner. But don't you worry I will keep you posted. 

To my babies, 
Stay in mommies belly as long as you can. 
We want you very healthy and strong! Total chub chubs, really. 
Daddy and I aren't leaving the hospital without you so keep growing!
Mommy will continue her odd habit of 2-4 glasses of milk a day. 
And will sacrifice a good poo, by continuing to take the new iron supplement Dr. Lim recommended.
Did you hear your Daddy the other night? 
He read all your new books to you. 
I think we'll have to make him the official "reader" of the family. 
Everyone is dying to meet you two. 
Mommy loves you so much! 
Keep kicking and playing in there!