Friday, October 3, 2014


18 month old twin boys. 
Don't you already feel like you need a caffeine kick before you read this post? 

Boys are really friggin busy. 
Like, really busy people. 
I see your little girls nicely coloring a picture.
 That ain't happening in this house. 
Well maybe for a hot minute, until we discover we can eat the crayon and color the couch.

And having two at the exact same age, my god, it ain't for the weak. 
That's for sure.

Being a boy mom really is.....different. 

You have to be able to lower your standards on safety.
Seriously y'all, we're too tired! 
You'll just yell, "Brush it off! Brush it off!" About 100 times a day. 

And you have to have a sense of humor. 
"Please tell me that's not dog poop in your hand. Really?" or my favorite so far "My god, quit slapping your brothers' wiener!!" 

Also if you're a boy mom please don't think your baby boy is wearing a friggin okford and bow tie everyday. 
Boys love playing in mud and eating lots and lots of dirt! 
Like so much often say to yourself, "what is that saying?...You gotta eat a pound of dirt before you die?.....I think we're close"

Your sole goal in life will be, "How can I wear these boys out so they nap and sleep through the night?"
My answer, play outside. 
Like I mean we basically spend 10 hours a day outside. 
Going to the park, taking nature walks or playing in our backyard. 
Boys love being outside.
Wyatt and Sawyer cry, "outside, outside! outback Momma! outback!!" 
I'm with them though; being outside really rocks.
 It is so good for both the boys and Momma's physical and mental health.

I am so grateful that we live so close to a fenced in park. 
That way I am not chasing two toddlers who run in opposite directions. 
Although, Sawyer is quite the mother hen these days. Chasing Wyatt, screaming, "Come back Wy Wy!! Come back!!" 
While Wyatt turns around putting out his hand screaming, "Stop!! Stop!!!" 
(I'm laughing as I type this, remembering how funny this was to watch.)
Two buddies. 

But damn, it's so much fun!
Raising twin boys has literally been and will always be the very best thing that has happened to me. 
I seriously never have a dull day. 
Something funny, or crazy or risky always happens in my day. 
I couldn't imagine not having twins. 
How quiet would my house be? 
Even as they nap now, I think, it's too quiet in here.