Thursday, June 30, 2011

Us Baltimore Folks Love our SNOWBALLS!!

Cee Cee, my mom, came over last night and walked with Travis, Laur, Jess and I to get snowballs. Cee Cee even treated (what a nice Mommy).

I always get either a Choc or Blood Orange snowball with marshmallow (of course)!

Travis, my adorable nephew, HAD to taste all of ours :-)

 He was just a little messy...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm on a Boat!

This was a weekend of boats for me and I loved it!

Friday night Matt had band practice and I hung with my guy friends and took myself back down to my friend Chris's boat house. I drank lots of wine which made me ballsy enough to go on our friend Nick's boat for a joy ride. The only reason I was hesitant is because last time I went out on the boat with just the guys, I got tortured. It was a speed boat and they jumped every wave and I screamed bloody murder the whole ride…how embarrassing am I? Not mention the nowhere to pee issue I had that day. (I’ll never live that down). But Nick's boat was not a speed boat and the ride was relaxing, so I sipped my wine and sat back and enjoyed.

Saturday afternoon I picked up my bf Emily and we went to our favorite store Charlotte Russe and then hit up the pool. That night Matt and I had a high school graduation party and then dinner reservations with our friends at a little restaurant on the water, Seasons Mariner. It was awesome food and we out did ourselves. Next time burgers and beer. It was an expensive night.

Sunday my coworker Nancy and her husband invited us up to their boat. They live on a canal and they have a pier with two boats in their backyard.

 This is the view from their porch- hello, relaxation!!
 We took out their big boat- it's amazing! (and also has a bathroom- score!) 

They took us to a little shallow spot out on the water where you can actually stand. We floated around and talked and drank lots of beer! It was so much fun- Matt couldn't stop talking about it. They really do have an amazing home! I would never leave my house if I was them. 

Me floating in the middle of I don't know where- but loving my beer and life!
 Matt relaxing on the boat before we got in- he loved it. :-)
 Nancy's neighbors with their dog, Zoey. How cute? She had to take her to the bathroom- this was the best dog. She laid on the boat all day and suntanned!
Matt and I after a day on the boat. This is also in Nancy's backyard- Can I just move in?
Sunday night we ate the BEST crabs EVER over my in-laws house. They seasoned and steamed them themselves and they were some good, hot, tasty crabs! (sorry no pics I need to start carrying my camera around. So boring with no pics)
And to top off an awesome weekend...
I made us some yummy sundaes. 

Maybe I need to remember it's bathing suit season. oh well- they were good!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Hello, Weekend!

I am so beyond happy that it's FINALLY the weekend. This has been one looong week. Matt and I have a busy weekend ahead of us and I can't wait!

Tonight I am going on my friend Chris' boat house. Last night we went down and it was so nice and relaxing sitting on the water watching the sunset with a glass of wine in my hand. :-) I brought our dog, Chase, down to hang with Chris' dog Buffet. Chase and Buffet get along great! So much so, that Chase trusted Buffet enough to jump off the boat onto to pier and they both hauled booty! (Annoying) I had to chase them all around the Marina. When I finally caught up with them they were at the beach in the water jumping off the pier!! What the hell?!?! I thought Chase hated water. I guess not when he's with his best friend Buffet. My friend Chris and I got the biggest kick out of it. We kept doing voice overs for them. I can only imagine what they were thinking!

                                                                   Chase and I
                                                             Matt and I with Chase

Well I'm hoping tonight will be another great adventure, without the dog this time. Later we also plan on going to Wild Duck, a little bar on the water. Did I mention, I adore summer!! 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Yay Blog!!

Yay! So I've wanted to start a blog for a while now. I love reading blogs and was totally envious of my sister when she started her blog (it has been so great being able to read about all the adorable things my nephew says and does- I heart him so much) So I figured I should start my own blog! I'm interesting enough (maybe). Since I am a newlywed of three weeks now (watch out!) I thought it would be fun to write about my new marriage and new life as Mrs.Bogdan (hence, "Life as Bogdan").

         Matt and I on our wedding day. I was just a little excited. Only waited 6 years for this day :-)