Monday, February 27, 2012

Operation, St. Patty’s Day overkill..

This weekend I decided to put away my sweet Valentine’s Day decorations and get out my old serious Irish drinking day decorations. Also known as, St. Patty’s Day.
(Anyone else always pronounce St. Patty’s Day with a leprechaun’s accent? No, only me?)
Anyway, I feel kind of obligated to really “go out” for St. Patty’s day because of my Irish heritage. (My maiden name is Kearns).
I try to really “embrace” my Irish roots. Why do you think I’m always drinking?
Kidding, but I do enjoy myself an alcoholic beverage. But I’ll leave the dark beer to my Irish Dad. He loves that stuff.
Me, not so much.
So this year I really did the Irish green up.
So much so, that my neighbor yelled over, “Your house makes me want to drink a beer!”
Actually, this was exactly, exactly! what I was going for---- SCORE!!!
 Thanks Matty for putting that stake on the "Irish Forever" sign and painting it- looks great!

Oh and our 8-year-old neighbor came over (when I was inside and Matt was making that sign) and told Matt, “That wife of yours, she always has you doing something.”
OMG! Hahahaha!! So. Very. True. Love her for saying that!
And thank you, Chase for hanging out front with your Mama and Papa as they decorated!
I found a lot of my decorations at Michael’s and AC Moore! Got super good deals since they always give out 40% off coupons!
Hope everyone had an amazing weekend!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

So ready for summer...

Ok, winter I'm over you. Can I get a "hell yeah" for summer and moments like these?? 
 Drinking a little too much...

Being entirely too close to your sister and laughing waaay too hard...

Soaking up all the sunshine you can get!

 Enjoying the pool and the random "Hotties" that are there... (Anyone else see the hottie in the background? Huh? Huh?)
Spending 24/7 with the most perfect nephew in the whole entire world. I miss our closeness.  

I can't wait for this summer and all the memories it has to offer!

Bring on the sunshine!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Scenes From Valentine's Day

This year was our first Valentine's Day as a married couple and I have to admit, it was pretty perfect. 

Matt surprised me and went into work an hour earlier so he could get home before me!

It was nice to pull up to the house and see his car there :-)
(Matt works in DC so that meant waking up super early- 4:15am. What a nice husband!)

We cooked dinner at home and watched a movie, just what I needed.  
                                                              I love these guys!! Xoxo
  Matt had tied a balloon around Chasey's neck, he was really nervous about it. ha!
I was overly excited about being able to get a Vday card that said "Husband" on it! 
I got Matt lots of chocolate and a portable coffee mug because he's been carrying my peace sign mug on the train for the past year- ha.

Matt got me the abundance of balloons- hehe! 

We want to treat ourselves to a new kitchen table- how old does that make us sound? 


Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!


Snowy Saturday...

It actually snowed in Baltimore on Saturday!
I was so excited to take little Chasey out in the snow and to be “snowed in” with the hubs.
We just relaxed Saturday morning and watched “Just Wright” with Queen Latifah and Common. It was really cute! What a treat to finally have cable and HBO, I feel like we actually live in 2012 now- kind of. Ha.
Late Saturday afternoon Matt and I met my parents at Red Robin for lunch and then met our neighbors Jess and Dan at IKEA.
Jess is so cute and pregnant and all she talked about while we were walking around was getting a cinnamon bun and ice cream cone before we left.
By the time we were ready to leave IKEA the snow and winds had really picked up, but by that point we ALL were craving an ice cream.
So we totally ran to our cars in 20 degree weather and 30 mile per hour winds with our ice cream in hand. Ha! We were laughing so hard, but they were so tasty so it was worth it!
Saturday night we went to downtown for a friend’s birthday.
I was totally crushed when I heard the news about Whitney. So heartbreaking.
But luckily the bar turned into a Whitney Houston tribute night and they played all her music! Then I HAD to dance.

 It was such a nice weekend!
Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! Can’t wait to read about everyone’s Valentine’s Day!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Crazy Winter Hat

 It's FINALLY cold enough in Baltimore for me to bust out my crazy winter hat. 

Uh, this hat has been sitting in my closet waiting to be warn but I just haven't had a chance since this winter has been so mild. 

So when I went to walk Chase this weekend, the hat came with me. 

Matt was even nice enough to come out in the cold to take some pictures of me in it. 

And cue the awkward story and photos....
Sooo...I'm totally guilty of watching "Finding Bigfoot" on the Animal Planet
Let's be honest, I love the weirdness of it all. 

So when Matt was taking the pictures of me in "the hat" I crouched down to get Chase in the picture and I saw something black and furry in the corner of my eye. 
I thought- Self, you are just being paranoid because you've been watching entirely too much T.V. about sasquatchs. 

But then I looked and Ahhhh it was the neighbors HUGE German Sheperd running as fast as he could towards Chase and I.

Chasey notices the other dog, I'm being paranoid about sasquatch (so I think)...
Oh, just look Mandy but remain smiling....
 And cue the " Holy, Shit" face...
I absolutly love that my face screams, "Ahh help!"and Chase is licking his lips like, "Dinner?"

Matt and I were laughing so hard about this photo and my terribly awkward face.
I mean what do you expect.

Luckily the dog owner/our neighbor must of heard me scream and came running over to get his dog. 
Thank god.

And the hat photo shoot got to continue...

The hats crazy warm and it was totally worth the $10 I spent on it. 

So happy I got to FINALLY wear it!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Mild Winter

This winter has been so mild and, honestly, so perfect.
I feel like we have really lucked out (so far) with the weather and our sunny weekends.
The last couple of Sundays my parents and I have taken Chase for walks to different parks around my neighborhood.
I need to keep all these parks in mind for when I have a baby J
We went to Gunpowder State Park this past Sunday and I total forgot that it even existed.
In high school my girlfriends and I would go up to Gunpowder Park because they have a little beach there. But the people who would go swimming there were always a little……odd. The last time us girls had gone we saw a chick in her bra and underwear with a shower cap on her head. Girl, it was random. But in all honesty, her underwear and bra probably had more material then our little bathing suits.
Anyway, my parents and I took Chase to the park for a few hours to try and wear his butt out.  
Have I told you about Chase’s new bad habit?
Escaping out of our front door and running all around the neighborhood and back into the woods behind our house.
Little bad ass.
We’re lucky to have such wonderful neighbors, they all come out with their dogs to try and help catch Chase.
I can’t wait to put up a fence. This dog needs it.
So even though I was totally P.O.’d (remember when people use to say PO’d instead of pissed off? Totally bringing it back) at Chase for escaping out the front door, I thought a walk would be a great way for Chase to sniff and exercise some of his energy out.
My only complaint about the park was the abundance of goose poop.

Seriously, these geese must have taken about a million poops all over the park.
It was hard not to step in a pile of poo.
It was so bad that when Chase pooped my Mom was all, “Leave it. There is so much poo around here already, how will anyone know the difference?”
What rebels, we are, adding to the piles of poo.  
It was so nice to be outside and soaking up some sunshine!
I even peed in a porta-potty so we could stay longer.
Totally. Worth. It.
Red Hott Shades are from PacSun, do you dig?

Matt didn’t join in on the goose poop adventure because he was busy exchanging a 30 pack of beer for a whole weight set. (It’s how we do in Baltimore, it’s all about the beer).
Looks like my hubs is going to get him some muscles. Does this mean I have to exercise more? Sounds terrible.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

"Bawlmer, Hon"

Saturday, Matt went snowboarding with some of his guy friends and I went with my girlfriend Jill down to Hampden, Bawlmer hon to do some thrift shopping.

Hampden is famously known for the Hon Cafe and the Hon Fest.
(Sidenote- Hon Cafe is going to be featured on Kitchen Nightmares with Gordon Ramsey. I can't wait!)

You might be thinking...
Bawlmer folks call everyone-- "HON"
  Especially my Grandmother and Mother's generation. 
Not only do they refer to their husbands as "hon" but also the mailman is giving a "How you doin, hon?"
And the guy bagging your groceries and the bum on the street begging for change. It don't matter, we call everyone "hon."

Ever seen a Bawlmer Hon?
Picture found here:
2011's Bawlmer Hon....hon.

Each year Hampden holds the "Hon Fest" and all the hons come out to try to win the title as Bawlmer's Hon.  

Remember when I met 2011's Hon and totally got a photo-op with her? 
Hehe. She was so nice!
Anyway, Hampden is a fun place to go to get some real Bawlmer culture. 

The Hon fest wasn't going on but the thrift stores down there are so cute and a great way to spend a mild winter 

I even parallel parked like a flippin champion! 
         The pictures you take for your blog....But hey, let's be honest, I was so proud of myself I haven't parallel parked in years.....and don't even think about mentioning the massive space I had to do it in. lol It was still a challenge.
 Cafe Hon which will be featured on Kitchen Nightmares supposedly this month. We didn't eat there because it was packed and no one was smiling. WTH? The thrift shop owners were all so sweet. Maybe the workers at Cafe Hon were stressed?
 Jilly in front of Cafe hon gift shop.

After walking around Hampden and checking out all the thrift shops Jilly and I decided to go to our favorite Mexican restaurant, El Salto. 

 You know you go somewhere too much when the waiters know you by name and ask you how and where your husband is.
We just love it there and have to support the restaurant so it doesn't go out of business in this economy, right? 

It was great catching up with my girlfriend Jill and we had such a fun day! 

Matt had left for snowboarding at 6:00am and didn't get home till 7:00pm so we just hung in Saturday night. 

As tired as Matt was he came home with a special treat for us....
Peanut Butter and Chocolate ice cream!

It was a perfect way to end a busy Saturday.