Sunday, October 28, 2012

13 Weeks..

Man, I am so MIA during this pregnancy and I have so much to talk about all the time. 

Why is it, I found out I'm pregnant with twins and I'm so busy at work and in life. 

Anyways, pregnancy has been so good. 

I cry about the twins basically everyday. 

It doesn't take much. 

I'll be driving in the car to work thinking about their arrival and flood works. 

I'm out of control. I'm too damn excited about wink and bink!

Dado (my Dad) officially named them binky and winky. And since Matt and I are old school and not finding out the gender of these two beans, wink and bink is stickin.

Girlfriends, my belly is growing at rapid speeds. 

Am I the only in maternity clothes at 13 weeks?
Actually, don't answer that. 

Seriously though, I'm not mad because I know bink and wink are growing so big and strong!
We went for another sonogram at 13 weeks and OH MY!
These two were reaaally putting on a show.
Did I really expect anything less?
These are mine and Matt's children and we both LOVE being the center of attention so did I really expect for these two little binkers not to be insanely cute and active?
The radiologist was into it. She printed 15 plus pictures for us.
She was all, "Oh my god! These two are HAMS! They are pullin out all the tricks."
I mean, they were spooning for the love of god. Spooning. It doesn't get any cuter.
   Babies, We CANNOT wait to meet you!

Stay strong in Mommy's belly!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wednesday Laughs...

I sometimes don’t know if I just have the most random life or everyone has this many hilarious things happen to them in an average day.
One of my girlfriends out of the blue just texted me,
“I have a question when you pee do you wipe up or down because I wipe up”
I didn’t realize I got the text…
“What about the pee thing?”
Me, “I wipe up too but when I went to the doctors she saw a sign of a UTI so now I’m trying to wipe down.”

"So really I have been wiping my vjay wrong for 25-years?"

Me, "Yes, we all have. WTF. Our moms taught us wrong and it's a hard habit to break."

"It is. I can't do it. It got brought up at work and then I went into the bathroom to practice and it felt weird."
Email from my sister today…
“The scenario was this…..5:45 this morning I was frantically trying to pack a lunch because I was later then I wanted to be. I saw the bread I made for camping last weekend and thought it would taste GLORIOUS with the fresh apple butter I bought at the farmers market in PA. Fast forward to today at 1:45 when I went to eat my lunch and realized all the bread was moldy. But I ate most of it. I am going to BARF!!!! I really went into the bathroom and dry heaved and then the cleaning lady was in there rinsing out her dentures. So I felt even more sick. “
Does this shit happen to everyone?
Sometimes I think my life would make a very interesting reality T.V. show.
Happy Wednesday all.
Can’t wait to post some bump pics this weekend!! Because yes, the bump is happening! Along with the gas, good thing I sit by the men’s room at work. All these farts can be easily disguised. And don’t worry I turned on my fan, I would never torture innocent bystanders.
These girls keep me laughing.

Monday, October 1, 2012


Can you believe this?
I still have to pick my jaw up off the floor.
This is the most exciting, exhilarating, shocking, amazing news Matt and I have ever received!
I don’t think it gets any better than this two for one deal we happened to score.
Man, these binker babies are going to be soo adorable. I just can’t wait to hug and kiss and love these babies!!
I’ve been dying to tell my blog girlies!
And now I can finally talk about all the stuff that’s happening during my pregnancy.
Get excited ladies, shit gets a little weird.
But I won’t bore you with my “I just want to squeeze my boobs at my desk” talk, I want to tell you the “how we found out it was twins” story!  
At 6 weeks I had my first sonogram. I was so excited and nervous to make sure that our “Baby” had its little heartbeat.
When I called the woman to make the appointment she reminded me to drink 16oz or more of water. Of course, I made the mistake of over killing it with the water intake and drank 24 plus ounces of water.
I pee a thousand times a day, what did I think was going to happen? 
Basically, at my first sonogram I had to hold my vagina so I wouldn’t pee my pants.
Seriously, the whole time in the waiting room I was standing up, sitting down and squeezing my legs together, until finally the receptionist told me I could pee for 3 seconds. Okay, it’s pretty much impossible to stop your pee and only makes things worse.
Matt and the world's oldest man both just gave me the stank eye the entire time in the waiting room like I looked crazy or something?
Just learn from me girls, drink the water in the waiting room of prenatal place. You’ll be waiting awhile.
Anywho, finally we get called back to get the sonogram done and we are so excited! The sonogram girl (radiologist would be the term?) starts out trying an external sonogram but soon realizes that I am not far enough along and determines she has to do an internal sonogram.
Don’t worry I was prepared for this, thanks Laur (my sister). Plus to my advantage I could now pee before the internal sonogram.
The internal sonogram isn’t bad. It’s just a little uncomfortable and there is lots of lube involved.  Warning.
So the internal sonogram happens and we hear the sonogram girl talking to herself. Saying things like, “Okay, yeah. Yup it is what I thought.”
Me, “What? What’s going on?
 I couldn’t see the screen at all.
That’s when she spilled the beans, “Okay guys, it’s not just one baby there are two babies. You guys are having twins!!”
I cried immediately. I couldn’t believe it. Matt asked a million questions, “Are they Siamese?” Me, “No! You mean identical, Matt.”
That’s when we found out that they are fraternal. Meaning two eggs dropped and each egg got implanted with a sperm. So it’s basically like having two siblings at once. They could be a girl/boy, or girl/girl or boy/boy.
After the sonogram girl took the measurements of the babies, she left Matt and I alone with a box of tissues (not for my tears but for- put two and two together) so I could change.
I tried “cleaning” up and getting dressed but immediately fell into Matt’s arms crying.
I was SO HAPPY!!!
As tears rolled down my face I realized I had lube up to my elbows. And through my tears I told Matt, “I love you and I’m sorry about all this lube.”
We laughed so hard.
We walked out of there with the BIGGEST SMILES on our faces!
As we were leaving the parking lot we were yelling out the window to random people, “We’re having TWINS!!”
People just looked at us like we were nuts, I loved it.
This is exactly why I married my Matty. It’s just too much fun and now double the trouble. Holy fun house!! I can’t wait!
Bogdan babies will be arriving April 25, 2013. J