Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Don't Stop Us!

We were anticipating for a huge hurricane on the East coast this weekend and I was totally bummed. Luckily, it wasn't as bad as everyone had thought and we never lost power. Woo Hoo! 
But this hurricane and the rain it brought, totally messed with my ideal weekend plans. (Laying out by the pool before Fall comes) But all wasn't a bust this weekend. I made sure that Matt and I had solid plans. (I hate being bored on the weekends). 
This weekend was/is my Dad's 61st birthday. (Today is his actual birthday). I can't believe it, 6-1. My parents are in the best shape. They're total inspirations. 
It's tradition in our family to let the birthday boy or girl pick where they want to celebrate their birthday. Dad picked Bahama Breeze. Mmm Mmm.
The restaurant that my Dad picked is in the same area as the Crate and Barrel in Baltimore. Score! Remember when I mentioned the wine bar I wanted so badly, here. So Saturday Matt and I woke to a rainy crappy day. We decided it was def. a perfect day to finally spend our Crate and Barrel gift card and purchase the wine bar we wanted. 
It worked out perfectly because Matt and I wander the mall and met up with my parents at Dr. Visionworks to help my Mom pick out new glasses. 
I thought I looked great in these...
Dad and Matt liked these...
I really did end up finding a pair of glasses I liked and so did my Mom and my Dad. 
After the glasses search and shopping, we were all starving and in need of a cocktail. So to Bahama Breeze we went. 
 (My Mom and Dad)
 (Matty and I)
Happy 61st birthday Big Bill!!
The food there is insane. It's so friggin good. I could eat there everyday. Good choice Dad!
When we left the restaurant, it was odd. No one was on the roads and a lot of businesses were closed. Crazy. 
Matt def. wasn't bored last night. He had a project ahead of him. Building the wine bar!
 The end result, so cute! I couldn't stop staring at it. (Thank you Matt!)
 This is what we put on the shelves. I might change it. I just worked with what we had.
 (My girlfriend, Dana, made that shadow box. It was a wedding gift and has our wedding invite and bridal invite inside. It was the cutest idea ever!)
My dream came true, sipping wine at our new wine bar.
 (Note my soaked clothes and hair. I went to run Chase out and the wind was crazy. My umbrella got flipped inside out! I was laughing so hard. And to top it off, Chase didn't even pee. Thanks dog.)  
Now I can't wait to have a party! :-) 
I think the wine bar helps mend my broken heart from the never ending house search. 
I also think these helped....
I made s'mores during the hurricane! Ha! They were so good...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Earthquake, House Hunt and Wine Bar?

This week has been an odd week for me. Between work, the earthquake and the never ending fail on the house hunting, I feel as if I’m in dire need of a cigarette and a (very strong) cocktail. Parise the lord tomorrow is Friday.

Tuesday’s earthquake was so crazy. I can’t believe we had an earthquake here in Baltimore. No one knew what the hell was going on in my office. I just thought the mail lady was dragging something enormous on her cart and it was shaking the ground. But it didn’t end. Then everyone was screaming, “What’s that? What is that?” We didn’t know what to do until one of our Directors told us to run for the stairs. Us Baltimore folks ain’t never been in no earthquake! That just doesn’t happen here.
 I was more worried for Matty since he works in DC. None of the phones were working. I finally got a hold of him and he was safe. His office closed. It took Matt five hours; yes, FIVE hours to get home from DC because the MARC train was suspended. Matt had to take three different types of transportation. (Poor guy).
When I got home our dog, Chase, was a little crazy and a picture had fell and our filing cabinets were open. No harm at our apartment. I was sure the whole apartment was going to be down when I got home. That thing is so old. (Hopefully, it stays sturdy for Hurricane Irene).
How bummed am I that we are having another rainy weekend? So bummed. That makes three in a row. I was trying to soak up as much sun as I could before summer is completely gone. But have no fear! I have a plan for this weekend. Two words. Wine Bar! Matt and I have wanted this wine bar ever since we visited our friends, the Skufis’, house. They had the cutest wine bar I had ever seen. (Their house is decorated like a magazine. I envy their decorating skills). Man, Matt and I chatted and chatted about how much we loved this damn wine bar. I finally asked my girlfriend if she would be totally mad if we copied. She’s so sweet; she said they didn’t mind at all. (This was about five months ago). So long behold, another rainy weekend and a couple hundred dollars to Crate and Barrel and wine bar!  (So we hope!) I’m hoping they have some in stock and we can spend the rainy weekend building it and setting it up. (We have our “don’t know what to do with, till we get a house” pile, in the corner of our living room in our apartment. I can put most of that stuff on the wine bar. Awesome!)
Do you love? I love.
Last night we looked at another house. Really nice house. It already had two offers on it. We joined the mix of offers and deny. So Matt and I are still on the house hunt. I’m bummed but I thought getting the wine bar would cheer me up. Then I can just stand next to it all weekend and sip wine. (odd image? It will be marvelous, I promise).

Monday, August 22, 2011

How We Became M&M

How Matt and I met isn’t your typical love story. Matt didn’t come riding in on a horse to save me or we weren’t childhood best. It’s a much different story, one that we usually try to avoid by saying we met through “mutual friends.” 
It was the day before New Year’s Eve 2004, soon to become 2005 (obviously). I had finished up my first semester at community college. I was excited when my neighbor, Matt M, had invited the neighborhood girls to go down to a new nightclub, Iguana Cantina. I was 18-years-old. Oh a beautiful, youthful, wild, 18-year-old girl. All the neighborhood girls ventured down to the new nightclub with Matt M (who was like a big brother to us) to do what we did best at 18, party and dance.  
The club was packed and we ended up sneaking and getting ourselves the famous bottomless “red cup.” Meaning, we then had access to get all the drinks we wanted at the bar. We drank and danced a lot. I ended up running into Matt M’s friend Brian. I said, “Hi” to Brian and gave him a hug. Then Brian’s friend came out of nowhere to introduce himself. His name was also Matt. He seemed like a nice guy. But why was “new” Matt wearing a hoodie to a night club? He obviously got talked in to coming out that night.
“New” Matt and I ended up talking for a while. Now if you know me, you know I talk a lot and always with my hands. So while I was talking to new Matt I ended up hitting his beer with my very animated hand. Beer spilt all over his arm. Oops. New Matt told me, “Now you have to come get another beer with me.”  So I did.
New Matt also sported a pen behind his ear. (This was just as odd as the hoodie he wore).  I asked, “Why do you have a pen in your ear, to get girls numbers?”  I then decided to write my number on new Matt’s hand (my very fake number). I don’t know why I did that, I guess I wasn’t sure if I wanted this guy calling me or not. But after hanging out with new Matt all night I realized, I actually like this guy. He made me laugh and had a great smile. So I had to awkwardly tell him, “Here let me give you my real number.” (Sorry for that bitchy move Matt)
I ended up riding home with new Matt. (Who allowed me to do that? So dangerous, but I guess I thought it was ok because he was a mutual friend). On the way home I had to use the bathroom so bad. New Matt said we could stop at his parents’ house and I could use their bathroom. (Again, so risky. What was I thinking? I don’t condone this behavior). I used the bathroom fast. On our way out the door we ran into Matt’s parents. I remember it like it was yesterday. My now father in-law’s first words to me were, “Damn girl, you smell like whiskey!”
Well, that’s one way to make a first impression. 

This is actually a picture from the first night Matt and I met. (Matt had a throw away camera in his car glove box). Can you believe that? (I never said it was "good" picture).
 I feel like we look so young. Wow. We count our anniversary as the first day we met. The day before New Year's, this year will be 7 years. Holy $hit!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A gray hair got me thinking...

Dang, I feel like things start to really go downhill (physically that is) at 25. Yesterday, at work while sitting at my cube staring into my mirror (checking my teeth for food) I saw it, a tiny wiry gray hair sticking out of the top of my head. “What the hell is that doing there,” I thought. Gosh, do I really have to start worrying about gray hairs at 25? I thought the constant exercise and limited food intake was bad enough. Really, now I have to worry about people spotting gray hairs in my head. Geez.
I called my mom on my way home from work. She confirmed my nightmare; she went totally gray in her 20’s (along with my Cunnie (Grandma)). Double bummer. Obviously, I know that things could be a lot worse than a couple gray hairs but I think the reality of it was a little shocking. I’m getting older. Inside, I still think I’m 16 and usually when someone asks my age I have to turn to Matt for an answer. (Although 25 is a little easier to remember).
I think the gray hair that sticks out of the top of my head is a reminder of how stressful life has been lately. House hunting is so not fun. Why does everyone say how fun it is? Maybe its fun when you find the right house and it’s officially yours. I can see that. I’m going to be so excited when we finally find our little first home. I can’t wait to make it our own. (I have a lot of grand ideas- just warning you Matt).
This weekend we plan on looking at four more houses. Wish us luck. I’ll be happy when we find one. Things are starting to get weird in our apartment complex, not that things weren’t already weird. Monday the lady down the hall from us stopped me on my way in from work to let me know she has a mouse in her apartment and it’s eating all her pretzels. Odd and so gross. If that didn’t scare me enough the woman downstairs from us called 911 because her apartment door got kicked in while she was at work. Nothing was taking though. Even odder. Matt said he’s scared for me and Chasey (our dog). I’m not really scared at our apartment complex but I am sick of all the drama there. The landlord never fixes anything and there is a domestic dispute at least once a week. (I think the one couple purposely comes out of their apartment to argue in the hallway. It’s a tad much). Anyway, it will be nice to get a home and not know everything about everyone in our neighborhood. (We only have 8 units at our apartment complex, everyone knows everyone’s business. Matt and I try and stay to ourselves).  Gosh, do I sound like a total Debbie Downer? I feel like this post is a little depressing. On a happy note, today is Wednesday, halfway done the week! Woo hoo! Matt and I have two parties to attend Saturday. Should be a nice weekend! Also Jess and I are going tonight to America’s Best to check out glasses frames- I’m excited! (Is that odd? I need new glasses so bad).
Well, I look forward to posting again! Also, my blog almost has a 1,000 views! Can you believe it? Who's all reading it? "Follow" my blog and comment on my post. I'm so curious to who's reading my little blog. :-)   

Monday, August 15, 2011

Shopping & Mexican Food Make for an Amazing Sunday!

Sunday Matt and I woke up to more rain. Uhh. What to do, what to do?
We decided to take ourselves to Arundel Mills’s mall for some retail therapy. Now, Matt is usually all about saving money. Especially now since we are trying to buy a house, but since our luck with the house hunt has been crapy, Matt said he wanted to “treat us.” Score! I ended up getting a fabulous long black coat from H&M (only $30!) and Matt ended up getting a pair of “boat” shoes and two hats. We also went to lunch at a restaurant called “Chevy’s” Mmm Mmm! It’s a Mexican restaurant where all the food is made fresh. So good! Matt was all about us getting alcoholic drinks, how could I object? I love me some cocktails! (Even if it was only 2:00 in the afternoon).We had a great Sunday together; it’s nice to rekindle your marriage. Even though Matt and I see each other, we sometimes feel like we don’t get enough alone time or a chance to really enjoy each other. I think dates like these are so important. I want my love for Matt and our marriage to last a life time; I think we are on the right track!
Gosh, I didn't realize how big my margarita was (and that was the small size).

Hart Miller Island!

This weekend was a rainy crapy mess. Saturday we had big plans to go on an all day boat outing with a bunch of our friends. I can’t believe it but we still all went out, despite the rain! My friend Chris had invited us all down to take a ride out to Hart Miller Island.
Bathing suit- check! Sunglasses- check! Fedora- check! Beer- check, check!! 
It took us a while to actually get out of the marina Saturday morning. (We were suppose to leave at 9:30, it ended up being more like 11:30). Chris’ battery had died on his boat and we had to stop and put gas in the boat. As we were getting gas, the rain started coming down hard. Boo. But that wasn’t going to stop us. Luckily, the rain ended up stopping a little ways out and we all migrated to the back of the boat where the guys did a Viking chug. (The idea is to chug the beer without bending your arm. Beer just got poured all over their bodies and Dan lost his hat- opps!)
 This pic is the best. Look at all the foam on Ryan- Haha!
 I think the guys were ready to party.
It took us about an hour to get to Hart Miller Island. By the time we got there Dan had to use the bathroom so bad that he jumped off the boat to swim to the public bathrooms on the island. “The Buffet” (Chris’ dog) jumped after him! My girlfriend Jill and I decided that we would jump off the boat after Buffet. Wow, that’s when I realized I am totally out of shape when it comes to swimming. Our friend Kevin came after us with Buffet’s life jacket. I’m sure the other boats thought we were all crazy. By the time we made our way back to the boat everyone was laying out on rafts in the water. The water is only up to your waste which is nice because you can actually stand. We floated around for most of the day and sipped on cocktails and beer. 
The rain kept coming and going all afternoon. After a few hours in the water us girls got cold. We ended up changing and just hanging out on the boat. The guys were throwing the football back and forth all day. Then the guys HAD to get out the giant sling shot.  It was all fun and games till they decided to launch a beer can out of the sling shot. It ended badly when a beer can hit Dan right in his eye- ouch!! Needless to say, Dan has a black eye and the guys decided to stick with shooting Buffet’s dog toy out of the sling shot and just watch Buffet, Matt, Josh and Jill chase after it.  
By the time we were ready to leave Hart Miller it was around 5:30. The rain started again just as we were leaving. Perfect timing we thought. But actually about 20mins into our journey home Chris yells “Look at the back of the boat!! Look at the back of the boat!!” OH-MY-GOD!! There was literally a water spout probably 15 feet wide heading right towards our boat! I was so scared! Chris was yelling at us girls “Get to the bottom of the boat! Go! This is not a drill!” This thing was headed right towards our boat! I literally thought we were going to die! A water spout had killed a bunch of people last year at the inner harbor on a water taxi. These things form out of nowhere. Luckily, this thing took a right and avoided our boat. Thank god. It was so crazy. After that everyone was going crazy and yelling that they kept seeing them. I made Matt give me a lifejacket (he gave me Buffets- ass lol) and I sat on Chris’ bed waiting till we got home safely. 
We made it home safely (obviously). But our adventure didn’t end there. Jill’s boyfriend Chuck fell into the water trying to lift Kevin out of the water, resulting in him hurting his knee and losing his glasses. Dan and Kevin decided that they would go back in the water and try and find Chuck’s glasses. (This all happened at the marina. That water is so fail. Barf). But surprisingly, Dan found the glasses! Go Dan!
When we got to the car my sister called and invited us (myself, Matt and my brother in-law) out to eat with her, Trav and my parents to Ruby Tuesday’s. Despite my river hair and lack of makeup I agreed to go. We were starving after our long day out on the boat. Plus, it was nice to see my parents who just got home from a weeklong vacation to Punta Cana. (Totally jealous of them).
Saturday, flew by. I couldn't believe that it was around 8:30 by the time we got home. Matt and I feel asleep so early. It was worth it though.

Friday Night Orioles Game!

All summer long my sister has been asking Matt and I to go to an Orioles game with her, my brother in-law and Trav. Matt and I both get home so late from work that we are never able to go (or feel like going). Friday my sister asked if Matt and I would want to go to a 7:00p.m. game with them. Friday is the perfect day for us because Matt has off on Fridays and I get out of work a little early in the summer on Fridays!
So we made our way down to Camden yards for my first Orioles game in about three years. It was a lot different then I remembered. They had a bunch of cool stuff for kids and a lot of fun little things going on during the game. (Like cartoon races against mustard, ketchup and relish, a kissing cam (so funny) and a dance contest). It was very lively and great to hear my little nephew yell “Go Oooo’s!” and “Charge!” Not to mention it was perfect weather. We also ran into our friends Jess and Dan while we were down there. It was great to see some familiar faces. Oh and we got free O’s t-shirts- Score! 
 Oh Matt.
 Trav literally makes my heart melt. He loved every second of the O's game.
 "Charge!!" (JK I don't know if that's what he was yelling but how cute is this little guy?!)
 Trav was against taking a picture with his Mommy and Aunt Man Man. Stinker.
 Note, Matt's crazy hat. My mom had gotten the hats for free from her work about a year ago. Matt kept his all this time (wow) and insisted on wearing it the whole game. But surprisingly, a lot of the guys had these type of hats on- crazy
 Trav feel asleep during the 7th inning. I'm proud of him for lasting that long!
 Trav looks adorable when he falls asleep. We ended up leaving during the 7th inning. (I didn't mind at all, baseball can be long) But of course Trav woke up once we got to the car. My sister said he stayed awake till 1:00am. Ha!
 O's game was fun. Glad we went. I wouldn't mind going again. But who am I kidding, it's football season soon! I'm ready for Sunday's at my sister's watching the Ravens games!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Yogi Castle

My sister, Travis, Emily and I went to the mall last night to do some shopping. Travis mostly skipped his way through the majority of the mall. The whole time he’s attempting to do his best skip Trav yells, “Skip!, skip!, skip!, skip!” and also throws his right arm up in the air like a Jersey Shore fits pump. (It’s by far the cutest thing I’ve ever seen).  I melt over Travis he’s so funny and makes me smile with all the cute things he says and does. Travis’ newest thing is answering “yeah” or “sure” to every question you ask him, it’s funny to hear a 2-year-old tell you “yeaah.” He’s such a great listener so it makes it easy to take him to the mall.
After the mall my sister and Emily wanted to go to the new yogurt place, Yogi Castle. I had never been but it was so awesome! You actually serve yourself your own yogurt. They have about 15 different flavors to choose from. After you get your yogurt flavor you then get to choose your own toppings. The toppings range from strawberries to butterfingers to fruity pebbles cereal. Mmm! I did a mixture of cookies and cream, snickerdoodle, and cake batter yogurt. I put butterfingers, sprinkles and choc fudge on top! Yummy! You pay by the size so I made sure to not put too much yogurt in my bowl. Most of the yogurts are low fat or fat free too! Holler! I loved it. I will def. go back!
Trav loves his sweets. He’s just like his Aunt Mandy in that way, because dang I got me a real sweet tooth.
Trav thought it was so funny when I whispered "Boogie Castle" in his ear. Clearly a real boys boy. (But I find boogies, farts, and poop talk hysterical also. Same blood I guess)

My sister, Trav and my bother in-law are going to Naples, Disney and Myrtle Beach on Tuesday. They are going to be gone for almost three weeks- tear. I'm going to be so sad not being able to hangout with them every day. I guess we'll just have to make up for it when they come back! :-)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sometimes you just need to be Free!

Matt's band, Bad Apples, played their first show at Carson's Creekside this past weekend. Carson's is close to Matt and I because it's where we had our rehearsal dinner for our wedding. (totally funniest rehearsal dinner in history. We drank a ton of wine and went to the bar side of the restaurant and danced our booty's off while the live band played. If you can't tell already, I love live music and I love dancing). 

Anyway, Saturday a lot of Matt's family came out to see his band play. (They are the best family). My mother in-law even came out too, even though my father in-law was still in the hospital. I thought to myself, "You go girl!" My mother in-laws sister was there too and those two have waaay too much fun together. :-) I was so happy to see my mother in-law letting loose and really enjoying herself. She deserves it, she's been at that hospital every single day for the last month. She's a good wife. 

I feel like sometimes you just have to be free. That's exactly what my mother in-law did. Danced freely the whole night. (I'm so odd because I love dancing free. Meaning, dancing like no ones watching and really letting loose. Kind of like what you would think Phoebe from Friends would of danced like. Swaying your arms to and fro and just really enjoying the moment. With Matt being in a band I get to do this every weekend because how else are you suppose to dance to classic rock music.)
All our friends came out too. Those of us that went on the "Booze Cruise" the night before were dragging, just a little. Ok, maybe a lot. But it was worth it. I still managed to drink my Moscato. I couldn't not drink it, it's so good. (Also, I just love this top that I'm wearing. Got it from Francesca's- love that store!)
 We all match! You know how I feel about matching. I love it! I always make Matt and I match outfits. What? That's weird. Photos turn out so cute though!
This coming weekend we have so much going on. Should be amazing! Can't wait!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The house hunt continues….

The sellers did not accept our offer for the home or counter offer. Odd. Annoying. All of the above. We were hoping they would counter for the full price of the home and help with the closing cost. I guess not. Now I don’t even want the home. Matt said I seem bitter about the whole situation. Me, bitter? No. (yes). More annoyed, then bitter. Matt said that this is a learning experience and we learned to not get too excited about a house that we put an offer on. (Not get excited about the single biggest investment of our life. Sounds impossible.) Matt is so good with these kind of situations and so calm. He was even calm when it came to deciding on the offer and faxing the offer over. I on the other hand, had sweat dripping down my pits and a knot in my stomach. I just kept thinking, “Wow, this is going to be all our money. No more random shopping trips. Good hair products. Dinner dates with the girls.” Scary. But then again, we want a family and in order to have a family I have to kiss the one bedroom apartment goodbye. So goodbye apartment and let the house hunting continue.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Booze Cruise!!!

Friday, my friend, Chris texted me asking if I wanted to go on a "booze cruise!" Um, hello...Hells Yesss! (Chris is my guy friend with the house boat). I was so excited and HAD to go! Emily and I had dinner plans with our girlfriend Ashley so we weren't sure if the boys were going to wait for us to get down to the marina before they took the house boat out. But our guy friends are so nice that they waited for us. Sweeet! Emily and I hurried down with our two bottles of wine to join our group of friends for the first booze cruise this summer! 
Here I am, wine in hand ready to take off on our booze cruise adventure! :-)
 Us girls have been waiting for Chris to take out his house boat since he's lived on it! (We usually just sit on the boat- Ha!)
 After a couple of glasses of wine I guess I enjoy giving the "peace" sign...hmmmm
 Chris' dog "The Buffet" went on the booze cruise too! I don't know how the dog or any of us DIDN'T fall off the boat. We tend to party a little hard when this particular group of friends gets together. Plus the water was rough. Barf.
The boys let Emmy and I drive the house boat for a bit (mostly just so we could take these totally cute photos). That boat was hard to control.
 I think the guys had themselves an amazing time too. Note the necklaces that I insisted everyone wear for our booze cruise. (Excuse me Dan, where is yours?)
It was so windy I told Em I would french braid her hair for her. Not bad after a couple glasses of wine.
The booze cruise ended up being one of the funniest nights we have had in a long time! We rode out to the River Watch (a small restaurant on the water.) They had a band playing and we drank our new favorite drink (Whipped Cream Vodka, Sprite and OJ) and danced our butts off!
The booze cruise was hands down, one of the best nights. I hope we go next Friday It's the perfect way to celebrate the weekend! I had so much fun! I have the best/funniest/craziest group of friends. Thank god, otherwise life would be soooo boring. Never a dull moment with these guys. :-)
 And to end this post on a personal note. Matt and I put an offer in on a house- Wow! I hope they accept.
A home. A real home with a fenced in backyard. And three stories. And a washer and dryer. OMG! It would be so amazing. I would love to own a home as nice as this one. Keep your fingers crossed for us. :-)