Thursday, April 26, 2012


Between work, traffic and getting home so late on weekday nights I sometimes feel like I’m losing my sanity.
It’s so easy to get into a funk, isn’t it?
It’s also easy to take my anger out on my poor husband and dog.
“Matt, why do you throw your clothes down the basement steps; it’s sooo annoying!”
“Chase, don’t you get up on my bed!!”
“Matt you aren’t cooking it right. Just let me do it!”
“Chase, can you not eat so sloppy? There are crumbs everywhere!”
I realize that this is a problem and I shouldn’t be taking my stress out on the two most important people/dog in my life.
Luckily it’s finally springtime and that means warmer weather and longer days!
And I think I’ve found the cure to my Moody-McMooderson moods….
Long walks with the dog after work.
Walking Chasey gives me time to unwind and relax.
After spending all day cooped up in an office the fresh air, sunshine and exercise is just what I need.
Ps. T-Minus 3 weeks before Matt and I go down the ocean for our 1-year wedding anniversary- hooray!! (10 days off work in a row, hells yeah!)
There will be LOTS of this going on when we're down the ocean....
Plenty of drinking and fedora wearing!!
Can't friggin wait!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend in Review:

This weekend was super jammed packed for us Bogdan’s.
It started Friday after work with me heading to the Home Depot to get more bushes for our garden that Matt built!
I got three azalea bushes (2 red and a pink) two evergreen bushes, a holly bush and a rhododendron bush.
The bushes are still babies but I’m hoping I planted them correctly so they grow big and….bushy?!
After planting our bushes, Friday after work, Matt had a show at a local bar on the water by our house.
A lot of our friend’s came out which made it super fun!
Things only got awkward when all of our friends left the bar to head home (around 1:30am) and I was awkwardly left sitting alone on a bar stool in front of the band.
Things proceeded to get more awkward when a *WT bar rat decided to not just dance in front of the band, but to dance on my husband (like from behind) and to not only dry hump his ass but also rub her grimy hands all over his chest as he was singing and playing the guitar. (Making it hard for him to push her away).  
Really, girlfriend? Really?
The band said they were all waiting for me to get up and let her have it.
I’m too old (26) to care about that stuff anymore (I’ve dealt with it for what, 7 years?) but seriously ladies, respect the wedding band. It’s so classless to touch someone else’s husband.
So anyway, I was a good little wifey and let it slide and just kept to myself and helped the band quickly pack up after that incident because all I wanted to do was get home.
We got home around 3:00-3:30 and put in a good 3 ½- 4 hours of sleep Friday night. Saturday we Matt had to get up to lay our grass seed (I walked Chasey) and then at 12:00 we had to be at our friend’s Ryan and Sarah’s wedding.
The wedding was very beautiful and the reception was held at this old mansion, which I just dyed over.
Matt and I were so dead tried but that didn’t stop us from drinking some Champagne and beers and dancing the day away with everyone!
We got home around 6:00 and I was in bed by 7:30. Knocked out.  
Sunday I woke up early to go with my bestie, Emily, to get her bridesmaid’s dresses!
Remember, I’m the matron of honor in her wedding in October.
We got the cutest dresses! I love the color and I love the style! I’m actually excited about wearing my dress.
Sunday when I got home from dress shopping the hubs had got crab meat and wanted me to make my crab cakes for him.
We enjoyed a totally yummy crab cake dinner; it was the perfect ending to our weekend!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mission Impossible…

When Matt said we could FINALLY get a new kitchen table I nearly peed my pants in excitement!
It’s the little things in life people.
Our kitchen table was the table we used in our one-bedroom apartment.
I was waaay over it.
Ehhh, it was just too small for our eat-in kitchen.
My excitement wore thin after coming to the realization that finding a kitchen table ain’t no easy task.
Holy, 20 stores and three weeks later….
And long behold, we finally found a table!
My mom and I were shopping one day and wandered into a furniture store and there it was. All pretty and exactly what Matt and I had talked about….
Butterfly leaf, 61/2 feet long, seated 6, old fashion country-ish, the black and wood combo…
The only problem was I didn’t want to buy the table without Matt there with me so I had to wait till the following weekend to go up and order it and it was totally.worth.the.wait.
My girlfriend, Emily, randomly had a coupon to the store! The coupon was $50 off a purchase a purchase of $500 or more, half off shipping, and 0% financing for 1-year.
I think it was good karma, people. I totally gave a random woman at the Walmart a coupon for her febreze air freshener.
So 1 month later, the table FINALLY arrived at our house this weekend!!

I was all, “OMG It’s gorgeous!! I love it!!” ...The whole time the (surprisingly hott) delivery guys were carrying it in.
It could not be more perfect for us!
Also, I’ve decided to redo our kitchen “theme.”
All I’m saying is- Bye Bye Fat Chef, Hello Bird Madness!!
Don’t you worry your pretty little head, pictures to come ladies. Pictures to come!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bogdan's Fence Company...

Matt and I spent our weekend building a fence.
Well...more Matt, but I helped!
I was the official post holder.
We both inhaled an abundance of cement dust.
Can't be good for the lungs.
But totally worth it, I guess... 
The fence is almost finished, more than halfway done!
I'm totally impressed with us.

I'm keeping this post short and sweet. 
 So...Happy Easter, All!!
 Keep in mind, we still have to put down grass seed. 
Our yard is 90% dirt right now.
The sweeping of dirt is endless in this house!
 It's going to be so nice to let Chasey run free back here!

Can I sidenote and say that I have the most amazing husband! 
He makes me so proud and is so impressive!
Love you, Matty!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Weekend in Review:

We bought our very 1st lawn mower last week, guys!
I was so happy for Matt that I got teary-eyed in the house by myself when I looked out the window and saw him mowing our grass.
He’s so proud of our home and I’m so proud of him for doing so much to make our home perfect, that I guess crying just seemed like a natural reaction to seeing my husband mow the grass for the first time, no? Ha!
Matt played a show at Carson’s Creekside (a little restaurant/ bar on the water) Saturday and all our friends came out!
I had so much fun and when I went to pull out my camera, it was dead. Uhh.
The only photo evidence is from my girlfriend Ashley’s IPhone.
Guess after a few glasses of wine I deem this face attractive?
Note to self, never do that again.
Sunday Matt, my 61-year-old dad, my brother in-law and a couple of our guy friends came and dug holes for our fence!
Yes, Matt is putting up a fence this weekend!
No more walking Chase in the rain/snow/sleet/cold.
Woo hoo!
My mom and I were kind of hung-over, how terrible?
We just really enjoyed ourselves at Matt’s show Saturday night. My parents and my in-laws stayed till the end! Partiers up in here!
Dunkin Donuts coffee def. helped.
My mom and I shopped all day Sunday while “the men” dug holes in my backyard.
We hit up Goodwill, Ross and Home Goods.
Guys, Home Goods! OMG! I died and went to decorating heaven, up in that store.
We found a lot of good deals during our shopping trip.
And I got so much amazing stuff!
Pictures to come.
Hope everyone enjoyed their weekends!