Monday, October 31, 2011

Go ugly, rather than cute.

Friday, my work had a Halloween contest. First place prize, $500. (I had to win; a new house and my fall shopping problem- this extra money was needed).
A couple of girls at work wanted to do a group costume. I was totally in. We didn’t have our Halloween party this year so it was my only chance to dress up.
At first (the four of us) thought the Beatles.
Too hard, costume would be expensive and would anyone really know who we were? (Could we really look like the Beatles?)
Than we decide on something so unattractive I felt lucky I’m not the insecure type.
This is what we came up with and I think I can safely say we nailed it..
 Are you scared? I'm not going to lie, I was scared of myself. It was odd to see that face looking back at me in the mirror! lol (I was Peter Criss aka the cat-looking one. No one wanted to be him. I didn't care).
We decided to go with KISS because... #1 it was cheap and it would be easy for our coworkers to know who we were.
Boy oh boy. I think people thought we were nuts. Ha!
Hardly anyone knew it was us.
Everyone kept saying, “Who are you?”
 I would say, “Peter Criss”
They would respond, “No, who are you actually?”
Ohhh…”It’s me, Mandy.”
I thought that accounted for 1st place. And yup, I was right.
We won 1st place!
Beers at Happy Hour to celebrate!

We already have next year’s costume picked out. Keep in mind, ugly wins over cute!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

So we did it again...

We went to Jamaica (second time in the last four months- be jealous).
Last time for our honeymoon, this time with the accounting firm I work for.
This Jamaican experience was a lot different.
I think I drank my bodyweight in rum.
Non-stop drinking for three days straight; it was out of control and so much fun.
I hardly drink anymore so I “might” have gotten a “little” wild.
Just a little.
Matt and I felt like old-pros being back in Jamaica at the same resort we were just at four months earlier. I told Matt, “Feels like were coming home.”(Don’t you hate when people say that).
We really did feel calm about the whole situation and I was so proud of myself being all brave on the plane sitting next to a stranger. Go me! (Matt and I didn’t sit next to each other during the plane ride and I was forced to get my $hit together and not freak out and grab the random man next to me hand. Although, I really don’t think he would have minded).
Jamaica was just as beautiful as we remembered.

We really had an amazing time. I think the firm plans on going back next year. I might have to hold-off on baby making if they're going back, I love it there!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Why I love Essex...

Remember when I did my “Only In Essex” post?  Well, this post is kind of like that. But I don’t want people to get the wrong idea, like I’m making fun of Essex. Hello, I live here and love every second of our adventures that come with the Essex territory. So here you go, enjoy!  
This morning I went to walk the dog and discovered something unique (to say the least) sitting in the hallway of our apartment complex.

It scared the $hit out of me and the dog wouldn’t even walk near that thing.
Matt texted me this morning with, “Don’t be alarmed by the giant pony sitting at the bottom of our steps in the apartment hallway…only in Essex.”
You know that something is so “Essex” when your husband has to warn you about it. (Although, I got this text after I had the pleasure of getting the crap scared out of me by this enormous stuffed pony.)
I’m not going to lie, totally made my morning; one of the many joys of living in Essex.
While living in Essex, I have also had the pleasure of living close to one of the funniest women I have ever meant. (I won’t mention names, but all the girls in the neighborhood know exactly who I’m talking about. And she knows who she is- J).
This is just some of the many hilarious and crude things that come out of her mouth…
Warning: If you don’t like crude, stop reading this post now! Lol

Neighbor’s response to dinner to her husband, “You can eat off of my fine china*”
Me, “How was camping?”         
Neighbor, “I’m tired, my vagina stinks and my ass itches.”

Neighbor, “Jess, did you like the text picture of my boobs?”

Neighbor, “Watch out I have really bad gas.”

You should have seen her idea of how to get more steps on her pedometer for her work exercise contest. Let’s just say it involved her being on her back, legs in the air (shaking).

And when I told her about this post, she emailed me back with, “I need my anal glands squeezed!!!!!”

How does she think of this stuff? OMG! Seriously, makes me laugh out loud.  

All the crude talk aside…The number one thing I love about living in Essex…
Being able to see this precious baby boy every single day!

I feel so blessed that I will be living four houses (instead of two blocks) away from this little boy!

I also love all the Debbie Ave B’s and all their craziness…..
Settlement on Halloween should be fun. Matt and I are thinking about sitting out front of our new house and handing out candy. (Although, we’ll probably walk around with all our neighbors).

*Fine China= private parts.
(Yes, she is bad)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Jamaica, Mon!

This Thursday Matt and I leave for Jamaica for my company’s annual firm trip.
I know, how lucky am I that my work takes us to Jamaica, mon.
Weird thing is; Matt and I have already been to Jamaica and to this exact resort (Secrets- Montego Bay) for our honeymoon.
What are the odds, what are the odds.
It’s all good though. We’ll go to Jamaica anytime we’re invited.
Our honeymoon was amazing, the resort was insane and the sunsets in Jamaica are bananas.
I can’t wait to go back.
Our honeymoon was our first out of the country trip together (this will be the second).
I wish today was Thursday and I was sitting on the beach with a "Jamaican Smile" in my hand.
"Jamaican Smile" Best frozen drink ever. Strawberry, Bananas, Pina Colda, Rum and Rum Creamer.
The following Monday after we return from Jamaica we settle on our house (Halloween- how awesome? My favorite holiday).

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ain't Nothin Like a Redneck Party...

Best way to guarantee that your party will be a hit; make it a redneck themed party.
Saturday, was our neighbor and friend, Chuck’s 30th birthday party.
His wife Jeanette did a great job.
Everything at the party had a hillbilly twist. From the duck tape invites to the wheel barrel cooler, it was redneck perfection.

Invite read, “We ain’t havin no yard sale! Get your redneck on. Git off that couch on yer front yard and wander over to Chuck's surprise 30th birthday for a knee-slappin, goat-lovin, good time!”
 Jeanette is so creative.
In order to get the perfect redneck outfit we hit up Super Thrift by our house with Jess and Dan.
What a treat that we live in Essex (reputation for being a little “hillbilly”) because that made for a large variety of clothes to choose from.
Guy’s outfits were perfection. (Jess and I really wear our shirts in real life-Ha!)

Chuck’s wife, Jeanette, went all out. She had a DJ, karaoke, Bud Light Cake and a keg! And yes, of course, we did keg stands. We ain’t no preppies down here in Essex, hon.

The party was so much fun. I could go on and on about it. We seriously have the best neighbors and friends. We are so blessed.

I can’t even imagine the parties that will be in our future!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Drum Roll Please…

So if all goes as planned, the house is ours.
Saturday morning was the inspection.
I could have barfed all over the inspector.
Luckily, I held it together.
The inspector literally looked at every nook and cranny of the house and found anything and everything that needed to be fixed.
A fairly long list of problems was made.
Which Matt and I have been going over and budgeting for.
Thus, Saturday I was ready to throw-up at any second during the inspection.
There was a lot of this from Matt Saturday, “Babe, just breathe. Take a deep breath.”
Guess I looked as bad as my stomach felt.
Of course, I have been reassured (even by Mother- which was a total surprise) that “NO HOUSE IS PERFECT!”
That makes me feel better.
Here’s to praying all ends up being fine and I don’t lose it.

My nerves are shot, I can’t wait till settlement is over and the house is ours.

I’m ready to dive in and start fixing!

This will (hopefully) be our new 1st home.

Clearly, needs some work and gardens.

Best part about this house, before and after photos!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Text Messages..

I thought I'd make my weekly text message post a Friday tradition.

Last Friday I had posted all the cute and funny text messages that I had received from family and friends.

So this Friday...why not?

I'll start with this picture my sister sent over of my nephew, Trav.

This little stinker is turning into such a big boy.

Not only has he been going "pee pee in da potty" he is now introducing us to his little girlfriends in the neighborhood and making us all act out an animal.

Melts my heart that he's such a big boy these days.

My sister.
Probably Is the funniest person I know.

When we get together it's non-stop laughter.

Now this is a little personal (sorry Laur) but she Never poops at work.

I mean NEVER!

That cannot be healthy.

Uhh I have a stomach ache just thinking about holding that shit (literally) in.

So when she texted me this...

Laur, "Just pooped in work bathroom....details later."
Me, "I'm so proud of you! Go girl"
Laur, "Feels good."
Me, "I can only imagine. Been holding in that shit for six years. You were long overdue girl."

I was the proudest sister in all of Baltimore.

Were entirely too close.

It will only get worse once we live four houses down from each other.

My brother in-law texted me this pic of Trav.

First time meeting the Chick-fil-a cow.

I'm assuming there will be many more of these greetings.

Chick-fil-a is great.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wedding, Marriage and Maybe a House...

When it came to getting married, I was totally on board.
Matt, was hesitant at first. (He had big dreams to be a rock star. Don’t we all, don’t we all.)  
Marriage was important to me. A commitment to each other that, to me, really means something.
Not being married, to Matt, but washing his clothes, cooking his dinner and basically wiping his ass made me feel like I wasn’t “good” enough. Kind of like saying, he was waiting for something better too come along.  
That’s why I needed Matt to put a ring on it.
So when Matt finally joined team marriage, I was beyond happy.
People literally told me after the wedding, they had never seen a bride and groom smile so much.
(I love this picutre of my Father In-Law, Matt and my Father)

Hello people, I was beyond happy! I waited 6 years to marry this man. (It was def. worth the wait.)
Our wedding was simple. fun. Us.
 And after almost 7 years together (4 months of marriage), Matt still makes me laugh so hard my face hurts and still thinks all the weird things I do are “cute” and “silly.” (Not just plain weird, which we all know they are).
And to think; if the home inspection this weekend goes well, we might be homeowners.
Life is going pretty well for us Bogdans.
All our hard work paid off.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Some Good News....

This past weekend was interesting to say the least.
Matt acting a fool and almost losing the dog did put me in one fail mood but all wasn’t bad in the world of M&M (Matt and Mandy).
Something quite amazing happened.
We put an offer in on the Essex house
(the one that’s five down from my sister’s house) and…
Offer accepted!!
Holy mother of…
Can you believe it?
We got ourselves a home!
(Well if everything goes as planned, we got ourselves a home!)
The house needs some work. So don’t be thinking I’m going to post pictures of some amazingly gorgeous home. (That comes later once we get our hands on it! J I have some awesome decorating ideas and colors! And keep in mind; I enjoy color-fun, happy, bright!)
I’m excited for the future of M&M.
The “to-do list” is long, but doable. I don’t feel as stressed as I thought typical “Mandy” would. Although, the HUGE pimple on my chin could be saying other words…?
Home inspection is Saturday morning. Barf. I hope it goes well.
I’m happy to be able to stay so close to family (Especially my TRAV!) and friends that we love so much.
Can’t wait to have us some block parties. Holla!
Well, amazing sidenote:
Emily and Josh looked at the house connected to our friends, Jess and Dan, Sunday. They think they’re going to put an offer on the house.
Yup, we would all live on the same street. Wow.
Now, if only we all get to be stay-at-home moms together.
That would make my life!
Plan on posting some pics Saturday.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

This weekend I learned a few things....

A home is what you make it. So putting an offer in on a house that might need a little more work, equals a less stressful and more confident Mandy. (Fingers crossed that it's ours).

Having fun and laughing my a$$ off everyday is 100% worth staying in the neighborhood we're at. (We have some of the funniest friends here). 

The Bogdan/Kearns family really does know how to throw a party.

Drunk Matt, still hates sober Mandy. 
  I was secretly happy that drunk Matt got this huge tub of ice cold water poured on him-Ha!
Chase does know where home is. (Learned this the hard way, when drunk Matt insisted on walking Chase without a collar or leash. Thank the lord above Chase knew his way home. Inclusion, sober Mandy really, really hates drunk Matt).  

No matter what M&M always works things out. 

Sliver Moon diner on a Sunday morning with all our close friends should be a tradition.