Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bad Blogger

Geezz, I've been a bad blogger this week. I'm forcing myself to post something. I want everyone to stay interested in "Life as Bogdan." (“everyone” meaning, my sister).

This weekend Matt and I had a total M&M weekend. We hung out together every single day. (That actually doesn't happen a lot with our busy schedules and my love for the pool and Matt's hate for the pool). But we actually went to the pool together Saturday and had so much fun! It was over 100 degrees in B-more so we were forced to stay in the water the whole day. I got a great tan because of it- Yay!

After the pool we visited my father in-law in the hospital (sad face). Matt's dad has a ton of health problems and was feeling super bad Thursday night so my mother in-law had to call the ambulance. They took him in and found out that he has an infection in his lungs. He was in the ICU for a week. So scary. But he’s doing better and is in recovery now (happy face)!

Saturday night we went out with a group of our friends. I’ll post about that later. I have pics. Post are so much better with pics. (Don’t you agree?)

Anywho, Matt and I also looked at houses this weekend. The first five were the usual; pack of dog smell, never been cleaned, oddest smelling house ever, ceiling falling down, deck falling apart and then….we got to the last house and…we think we might have a potential winner. We couldn’t stop talking about this house once we left it. We have so many ideas for this house and kept talking about it like it was ours. We call it “1978” bc it was built in 1978 and it’s decorated totally 1970’s. We are still looking at other houses though; just keeping “1978” in our mind.  I will keep everyone posted. (“everyone” again; meaning, my sister) Monday we are going to look at other houses. Let the search continue.

This weekend we are going down the ocean, hon! I’m literally so excited about it. A bunch of us decided to take an Ocean City, Maryland trip. If you were raised in Baltimore, it’s tradition here to go every year. No matter how gross and expensive it gets. But no worries, we are staying in a one room hotel room with two other couples. Not awkward at all. It’s all any of us wanted to pay. Ha! This should be an interesting weekend to say the least. J

And so I leave you with a random Chase pic.
How cute does he look? Lovin them ears!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Linganore Wine Festival

Saturday Matt and I went with Emily and Josh to the Linganore winery in Mount Airy, Maryland. It was Linganore's reggae festival. Emily and I have been talking about going to a winery since...well, since we've gotten into wine. This seemed to be the perfect opportunity (especially since Emily found a buy one get one admissions coupon- score!) It also seemed fitting for Matt and I to attend a reggae festival since we went to Jamaica for our honeymoon and danced to "Is this Love" for our first dance at our wedding. 

Sidenote: Matt and I enjoy random music. We also like to buy odd little things from places we visit. Like our 2010 adventure to Myrtle Beach where we found our "Bob Marley Tribute" cd. Along with a couple other random things; a Spanish cd, my LOVE sign (which Matt told me looks like it belongs in a 12-year-old girls room- meany!) and our bongo. Anyway, the Bob Marley tribute cd ended up being one of our favorite cds to listen to last year. Hence, our decision to dance to the song "Is This Love" by Three Plus at our wedding and our current liking of reggae music. The festival just seemed very fitting.

When we finally arrived at the winery (an hour later) there were hundreds of cars lined up to get in and hundreds of people. We didn't except the festival to be that crowded. That's why I had to take a picture of the cars. When we ended up leaving at 3:30 (Festival ended at 6:00) there was literally a line 3 miles long waiting to get in. I'm not kidding. It was insane. Thank god we left a little early.
We got these great stemless wine glasses to sample over 14 different wines! I was in heaven.
We ended up taking a tour of the winery (free of charge). These huge tubes are where the white wines are stored.
 This was is the room where they bottle the wine. The owner of the winery was our tour guide. He told us so many awesome things, that I can't remember. Ha! All I know is that this machine allows them to bottle their wine insanely fast.
After the tour Em and I decided on a bottle of the Peach Wine. Yum yum! They had so many yummy types of summery wines.
The guys were good sports and made the best of the day. Even though I know they weren't as excited as Em and I. Thanks for going guys! :-)
Cheers husband!
They also had a bunch of different vendors there. (Which I love!) People were selling everything.
 Yes, even Top Hats!
 And Kentucky derby hats! But actually a lot of women were wearing these, the sun was hot!
One lady was selling these wine glasses that she had hand painted. Emily and I died over these- so pretty! (But they were a little too pricey for us- maybe I'll try to hand paint one myself..hmmm).
Emily and I were talking after the wine festival and both agreed that we needed to go to Boordy vineyards which is another winery close to our home. My mom and dad use to take me and my sister and our friends there when we were little. They always had a Zydeco band there and we would all dance the night away! Those were such great, fun times!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Chase is a cone head!

Poor Chase got a spider bite on his little paw and licked it to death. It got really swollen and bloody. Saturday morning we took him to the vet. Now he has to take an antibiotic and have meds rubbed on the cut, and also wear the CONE around his head!! Oh no! He just looks so pathetic.
And poor Mommy and Daddy got slammed with a $200 vet bill! Ahh!

Having a pet can be so expensive. Good thing Chase is cute and well worth it!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Waterfront Friday

Friday was a nice day. I got to work from home in the morning because my company was having a team building event. The event was a scavenger hunt through Fells Point. It was surprisingly fun. The object of the game was to take pictures doing crazy things- certain pictures were more points. The team with the most points won bragging rights. My team got sidetracked and were more worried about drinking at the bars then getting the pics. It was def. better then sitting at my cube all day, that's for sure!

After dinner Matt and I met a couple of our friends up at Wild Duck for drinks. It's been perfect 80 degree weather here in Baltimore so it was the perfect night to sit outside and watch the boats go by. 
Jess and I- I love this photo.
 Matt and Jess. I especially love this bar because you feel like you're at the beach. Palm trees, my favorite.
 Matt and I. I also love looking out at the sailboats. The sailboats remind me of my Pop-Pop, he was a sailor. I think he would of really liked this place.
 And yes, Jess and I decided to hold the sun.
Saturday we went to a wine festival! I'll post about that later.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Wild Duck Cafe

Sunday, I went up to my mom's pool by myself for a couple of hours to read some of my book and catch up on my tan. Sunday night, Matt and I met my mom, dad, Laur and Travis at Wild Duck for dinner. It was the perfect night! 
Travis had his trucks & cars with him. Look at that chub chub face, so cute!!
 Uncle Matt wanted Trav to wear his hat. 
 Matt got the Seafood club, shrimp salad and a crab cake. Holey moley, amazing!
 I made Matt pose by the mural.
 Matt and I down on the beach by the water and sailboats.
 The gorgeous view. (yes, that's Matt on his phone.)
 Boss showing Trav the water and boats.
 Boss and Uncle Matt took Trav to see the boats on the pier.
 I love this pic :-)
 Our weekends are always so busy but I like it that way. Summertime in Essex is the best. There are so many nice waterfront restaurants and so many things to do. This weekend is another busy weekend. We are going to a wine festival Saturday with Emily and Josh- I can't wait!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Hats On!

Saturday night, Matt and I ended up at my sister's house. Travis was wide awake and him and Uncle Matt were having quite the dance party. I believe the words to their dance went something along the lines of; 
"Hats on, hats off. Turn around. Shake your booty."

"Hats on"
"Hats off"
"Turn around"
"Shake your booty"
This dance went on for a while. But I think Trav and his Uncle Matt had a great time! :-) 
Trav made us all laugh when he threw in this move. Ha! I don't know if my sister would approve of me writing what words went with this move. lol All I will say is that Trav knows how to get a crowd laughing.
I feel truly blessed that for the last 3 years I have gotten the opportunity to live one block from my sister. The bond that I have been able to form with my nephew is indescribable. I love him. I love being able to see him everyday and love that I have gotten the opportunity to watch him grow. His personality is the best!

When Matt and I do end up finding our dream home, I know it will be so hard for me to say goodbye to our little one bedroom apartment, one block away from my sister, my nephew and my brother-in-law (Along with all our other dear friends that we have made in Essexs.) 

"times are a changin."

Dundalk Parade Hon!

  To wrap up our fourth of July weekend (and my never ending 4th of July posts) we ended our weekend with the Dundalk parade. I had never been and let me tell you; despite waking up at 7am, the 3 mile walk and the 100 degree weather it was well worth it! We all had fun! It was 3 hours of non-stop entertainment both in the parade and around us. :-) 
This was def. my nephew's favorite part "Firetrucks!!" 
Travis and Boss, my Dad, watching firetrucks.
Yes, and don't worry. There was a wrestle mania float. Ha! The one guy was stapling the other guys head. Ouch!
And a whole line full of souped-up Expeditions.
All of the girls at the parade. (Keep in mind it was 100 Degrees)
All the girls around Trav.
All in all, fourth of July weekend was def. a great time. It was so nice to have off three days in a row. 

These last couple of weekends have been a little more stressful since Matt and I are on the "house hunt." Still no luck. I think more people have crapy homes then nice, clean homes. Yuck! I feel like I need a shower after most of the house showings. Better luck this weekend? We shall see.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July Weekend Part II

Sunday night after Dana and Jason's party, we headed up to Jess' parent's house. This home is holy, amazing! I can't even imagine how much fun it was growing up there. They live right on the water and have every water sport imaginable, along with a pool and a tree swing. What's not to love?

This is a picture of their home from their pier. Yes, they also have their own pier. Amazing.
I insisted on getting on the floating barge (i think that's what this thingy is called). It was more unsteady then I thought. I'm surprised I didn't end up head first in the water. 
(Me with my "nervous" face)
I thought this floating thing was so much fun I HAD to take a picture with Emily and Jess. 
 Us trying to figure out how the hell we're going to get off this thing now. Me directing orders, when I have no clue (so typical).

Jess' parents also have paddle boat!! OMG Fun! Jess is such a pro she even brought her cocktail out, dang girl!
Jess and Emily switched spots while we were out on the water. Who knew you could even do that! I wasn't about to get out of my seat (I would of been in the water). 
Aww look at my Hubby. All he wanted to do was take this old boat (that washed up on their yard during a hurricane) out.  Why?
This is Nancy and Jeff (my coworker and her husband) pulling up in the boat behind me and my nephew, Trav (isn't he adorble?!) Life on the water. People pull their boats up to your house. Love it!
All of us sitting on Jess' parents yard waiting for the BIG fireworks show. The fireworks literally lasted 20mins with coordinating music! I hope I'm invited back next year. Hands down, best fireworks I have EVER seen.
 National Anthem. Told you, coordinating music.
 These were the real deal kind of fireworks.
After fireworks my nephew insisted on jumping on the trampoline. Who can argue, those things are incredibly fun! Of course I volunteered to take him on.
 Did I mention there were also glow necklaces. OMG, I LOVE IT! This is my sister, Laur, with her son, Travis. I've never seen anyone love their baby as much as my sister loves her "Twav." He is the coolest, funnest, cutest nephew in the world! I die over him
Can you believe it when I say their is more 4th of July. Oy! I will post more later. I'm off to Matt's show (in 10 mins). Opps so much for washing my hair.