Thursday, May 31, 2012

"29 Reasons Why I Love You" 1-Year Anniversary Gift

When it came to getting a first anniversary gift for Matt I hadn’t really thought about it till a girlfriend at work had asked what I was getting the hubs.

She reminded me that the theme for the 1-year wedding gift was “paper.” 

Hmm I hadn’t made a scrapbook since…2005?
But I didn’t want to just make a scrapbook of pictures, I wanted a theme. That’s when I hit up Pinterest and saw an icon that read “52 reasons why I love you.”

I thought I could combine the two- scrapbooking and list of reason why I love the hubs.

I told my mom the idea and she suggested writing “29 reasons why I love you” since our anniversary date is May 29th.

It was decided, I would get some pictures, def. stickers and type up my 29 reasons why I love Matt.
The scrapbook turned out to be really cute and a great keepsake.
Seemed like the hubs really liked it, he’s emotional like that- ha!

These are the 29 things I included on my list.
1.       We never stop laughing together
2.       No matter how silly I act I never get embarrassed in front of you
3.       You’re just as weird as I am
4.       You dance with me
5.       You eat sweets with me
6.       Seeing how much happiness Chasey brings you
7.       How much you love Chase and I
8.       The fact that you built a fence, garden and home for us
9.       You’ve officially made our house a home (a really nice one!)
10.   Your smile
11.   Your beard, duh?
12.   The music you write about us
13.   The shows you play
14.   Your trust in me
15.   Your belief in me
16.   Always telling me how pretty I look
17.   You’re so dang handy
18.   You’re super outgoing
19.   I never have to worry about entertaining you at a party
20.   Your love for music
21.   Your ambition
22.   The fact that you love me so much you’re willing to work so I can stay home with little binker Bogdans!

23.   Your sense of humor
24.   The way you always kiss me hello and goodnight (do that forever)
25.   The fact that you always feel the need to slap my hiney
26.   Your love for fedoras
27.   Your hott bod
28.   Your silly side
29.   Your love for Mexican food 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Verdicts In...

A year later and our wedding cake was surprisingly tasty. 

How the hell did that happen? 

Is it odd that neither of us ate a piece of cake on our wedding day? 

Your own wedding day goes by so fast. 

The one-year wedding cake tradition is fun. I was thinking about this cake all day at work. Wondering what it was going to look, taste, and smell like...

Glad we finally got to taste the cake and it was actually good. 

I don't know if I'll be eating any more of it, but at least it didn't kill us....yet. 

 I made Matty take the 1st bite and show me his reaction...he wasn't kidding with this facial expression. It was so sweet and good!
 Mmmm Bogdans, enjoy!
 Not too shabby, guys!

Happy 1-year wedding Anniversary, "Bogdan!" 


I'm Back!

Vacation was so nice.
 Like, I never wanted to return back to reality nice.
“reality”= work.
I let my body fry in the hot summer sunshine.
I must be tan. Everybody at work kept telling me how great I looked. Geez. Was my pale Irish skin not appealing to everyone? Whateves, coworkers.
 On vaca, I was also finally able to finish Catching Fire and started reading Fifty Shades of Grey…Holy sexual. Lord help me. It’s weird but I’m into it. At this point, I can’t put Fifty Shades of Grey down.
All in all, the “ocean” was fabulous.
We did everything I could dream of…
Lay on the beach
Drank some yummy cocktails and Coronas
Ate Crabs
Laid out in the hot summer sun
Shopped at the outlets
Celebrated our 1-year-wedding anniversary- Holler!
Enjoyed my insanely big hair, thank you humidity
Did some night swimming
Awkwardly listened to the people above our hotel room do- it.
(Never heard a man grunt like that…ehh)
Ate some fabulous food
Rekindled my marriage
Enjoyed time with some great friends and my hubby
I love vacations.  
See the was out of control. I loved every second of it.
Today is officially our 1-year wedding anniversary. I did the cutest thing for Matt. Can’t wait to share!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

DVR this....

Ok, ladies…..
Has anyone else been watching HBO’s new series GIRLS?
Picture courtesy of
Holy raunchy sex scenes, awkward dirty talk and sarcastic twist on real life situations.
The show focuses on four girls lives (in their early 20’s) living in New York City. (Read more about it here). the audience a look inside a “girls” young adult life. Dealing with issues such as - virginity, sex (mostly awkward sex. its perfection), having “too nice” of a boyfriend, not feeling skinny enough, fearing STD’s, figuring out if you’re officially boyfriend/girlfriend, trying to find a job out of college, becoming independent….the list goes on.
Warning: It’s raw, crude, sexual, and just plain out there.
Of course, I’d be into it.  
If you don’t like naughty/weird, I advise you to stay away. Probably isn’t going to be your thing.
But as of now, this show has me laughing out loud (at most parts).
Random fact: Brian Williams’ (you know, the TV anchor) daughter, Allison Williams, is in it. She’s totally gorg.
Also if you haven’t already, start watching New Girl!! I’m in love with Zooey Deschanel. Seriously, could she be any cuter?
Picture courtesy of

Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend in Review: Party Hardy.

Since Matt and I had the “baby talk,” and decided that we’ll most likely start trying for a little binker this fall we’ve been in living-it-up mode, and keep telling each other “one last summer of freedom!”
Even when I drink too much and sneak a cig from a random crusty old man, Matt says “Smoke that cigarette now because that ain’t happening after this summer.”
(It should never happen, but tipsy Mandy can’t control her wild side and love for a good cig).
This weekend Matt had two shows with his band (Friday and Saturday) so I was left to “live- it-up” on my own.
Friday I had my girlfriends over for some wine and girl talk.
 Although, three of the six girls are pregnant so that meant more (way more) wine for us non-prego girls.
We had a good time and looked at old pictures my mom had dropped off a few weeks back and I (of course) thought it would be a hoot if I read my old high school diary.
It was hilarious to read my thoughts as 16-year-old girl. Not emotional at all, not! Talk about being love sick. Wow. Everyone was laughing. It was good stuff. I also had old school notes from some of the girls, so those were fun to read as well!
Saturday I met a couple of friends down at my guy friend Chris’ houseboat.
We hung out at the boat for a few hours and then headed to a bar/restaurant on the water.
It was packed and all I ate Saturday was breakfast at 7:00am so when dinner didn’t come till 9:15 (no joke!) and many cocktails had been consumed I was feeling really good. (We ALL were feeling really good.) We waited so long we got free orange crushes, I just couldn’t say no to them. They wanted me to drink them.
We laughed, danced and enjoyed the nice warm night on the water.
And then something soo random happened. I guess I put it out in the universe the night before when I was reading that old high school dairy….
I ran into two guys I had dated in high school/college. How odd is that? I hadn’t seen these guys since we hung out five-eight years ago. Weird.
It was a very random night/weekend.
Mother’s day was spent recovering in the a.m. and hanging out with my mother in-law and mom during the day and night!
It was a nice ending to a fun weekend!
7 days till Matt and I hit the beach!
Be jealous y’all!
Sorry only have phone pic evidence of the weekend. I promise to stop being so lame to start taking more pictures!
Chase told us he's living-it-up as well this summer.
It's fine. I'll bring the crazy.
 How could you not have fun on a night like this?

Thursday, May 3, 2012

It's really May already?

This month has been so busy I’ve been slacking in the blog department.
This weekend Matt and I just relaxed.
We took a break from the never ending housework and just enjoyed time at home.
The weather is starting to warm up here and we took advantage of sitting outside and eating both lunch and dinner on our new patio furniture. (Finally!)
Saturday I went to Home Goods (my ultimate weakness) and I got a super cute outdoor tablecloth for $4.99!
Along with a ton of cute stuff for my BF Emily for her bridal shower; but I can’t say what all I got her because she reads my blog- ha!
Also, did I mention that Emily and her soon-to-be hubby are moving in across the street from us?!
Can you believe it?
Emily and Josh are moving into the other house of Jess and Dan’s duplex. I can see both their houses from my front door. Our dogs can stare at each other.
Actually Jess’ husband tested it and we can actually point “sit” to our dogs from the other persons house and the dogs will listen and sit. Jess and I thought her husband was such a goof for doing this but I was actually impressed that my crazy ass dog listened to me when I did it.
Anyway, that’s how close we all live to each other. Hope things don’t ever get awkward because there is no getting away from each now- ha!
I’m so excited for all of us to live close to each other and walk to the snowball stand every night together! Woop Woop!
PS> My desk at work got moved from the 3rd floor to the 2nd floor and it’s so quiet where I sit now. My girlfriend at work said, “It’s so quiet you can hear a mouse fart from across the room!” I’m still laughing about it. She made my day. I wish I was still up on the 3rd floor with her and my “work mom.” I was so sad about it. I’m such a baby. Oh well, I just need to get use too being one with myself and my Ipod. So hard when you’re a talker like me. Oy vey. At least vacation is less than 3 weeks away—get it girl!!  

More randomness; I drank Moonshine for the first time in my life. It was hardcore. My brother in-law said if you drink too much you can go blind. Ehh. Think I’ll stick with to my Moscato.