Monday, December 31, 2012

Looking Back on 2012...

2012 is the year that our lives changed. 

I still remember peeing on "the stick" early that August morning. 

Thinking, could I really be pregnant? 

Talking to myself; I don't feel pregnant, but Matt says my body (in reality boobs) look different and I'm sleeping a lot more. 

But really, could it be that easy for us to get pregnant? 

I just don't know. 

It was exactly one month since the first day of my last period, to the day. 6:30a.m. on a Sunday. I was too anxious. I had to take a test and just see...

I peed and flipped over the pee stick and BAM! 
I saw it. 
Two lines. 
But wait, it says it takes two minutes. 
So I flipped through my Glamour magazine and waited. 
And looked again. 
Two lines. 
I'm pregnant!!! I'm pregnant!! 

I looked into the mirror at myself, and cried. I looked at myself for a few seconds and did that dramatic ugly mirror cry. You know, the one you do when you're a dramatic girl. 
Then I ran into the bedroom crying, sobbing, yelling!
" Matt! Matt! I'm pregnant! We're pregnant!" 

I laid on Matt's chest sobbing. 
We did it. We were having a baby.
Oh. My. Goodness, we are having a baby! 

Two weeks later we go for our first sonogram. 
I was nervous for my little baby. 
"Please Cunnie and Pop-Pop, look over this baby. Please let it's heartbeat be strong and healthy."

The night before I did what my hippie mother always suggests. 
I wrote on a piece of paper what I wanted in life "Baby Bogdan strong, healthy, heartbeat" 
My mom says you put it out into the universe so it comes true. 
It had worked two weeks earlier when I wrote one out for a baby..
So I did just that.
And wrote and prayed for my little baby to have a strong heartbeat. 

We went in for the ultrasound and our little simple life changed forever. 

There wasn't one baby, there was two!
Both had their heartbeats, both seemed to be doing well. 
I sobbed. I just kept thinking, we are so so blessed. 

Now here we are. I'm almost 24 weeks pregnant. 
We are preparing for our sweet babies arrivals and couldn't be more excited. 
2012 was the year that changed our lives but 2013 will be the year that our lives get a lot more interesting. 
I am looking forward to holding my sweet babies in my arms and kissing them a thousand times a day. 
I can't wait to feel "that love" that all the moms talk about but I've never experienced.
I can't wait to watch my babies laugh and play and enjoy life as much as Matt and I do. 

I don't think any year will be as exciting as 2013 is going to be! 
Can't wait to officially be Bogdan Party of Four!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

22 Weeks Pregnant..

Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday!

I know Matt and I did. Matt's been busy with the nursery; painting, customizing the closet, "fixing holes in the walls?!"
All I'm going to say is, we keep the nursery door shut so Mama Bogdan doesn't have a panic attack over it all. 

Hormones kinda kicked my ass last week. I was just a little crazy town/ felt overwhelmed.

I told Matt, "this is the house of hormones!"

 I'm learning and reminding myself, I'm not super woman anymore and pregnant twin mommy needs her beauty sleep or else she gets a little evil.
 Or a lot evil.

Other than that, I'm still going strong! 

Feeling good at almost 23 weeks :-)

Guys, I'm so happy!

As you can see my belly keeps growing, along with my roots. 
(Since I'm avoiding bleaching my hair during my pregnancy). 

To my babies, 

Wow! Mommy is really starting to feel you move this week!

On Christmas day you two were having your own party in my belly. 
It has to be the oddest most incredible feeling. 

I'm still crying when I think about you two. I long to kiss your sweet foreheads and cheeks and watch Daddy hold and kiss you both. 

Daddy finally felt one of you kick the other night! 
I've been making Daddy feel my belly for weeks and finally one of you gave a big "hi-ya! karate kick" and Daddy felt it!  

I was so happy he got to experience what I've been feeling for a while now.

You both really seem to like Christmas cookies, which is terrible because Mommy's butt is going to get so big! I guess you'll have my sweet tooth, unlike Daddy. 
We've also been drinking lots of milk and eating lots of cheese.

I'm continuing to pray everynight for you two. We just love you two so much! Your all we talk and think about. 
Continue to grow and dance in my belly! 
It won't be long till you'll both be snuggled up in our arms! 


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thursday Twin Thoughts..

Work has been so hard when all I think about is my two babies.
I sit at my computer and type and feel all sorts of weirdness going on in my belly. I know it’s my babies, agreeing that work is so boring and that we’re all so over it.
Matt’s going to start the nursery tomorrow. Exciting stuff, ya’ll! He’s going to start with customizing the closet.  
I already went through their room and donated so much stuff to the Goodwill. I still have so much more “junk” I want to get rid of. But I’m on roll with the organizing, go me!
I like a clean, clean house and knowing that two little binks are coming to live with us, means Mamas gotta get down to business.
We decided that the babies are going to share a nursery. All the twin books say they love being able to see each other, touch each other, talk to each other. And some even say they like to sleep in the same crib till they start to roll over. But most importantly all twin books say to prepare to be flexible and change your “original plan.”
I think that’s probably going to be the best advice we get. Because although we have “a plan” for binky and winky, I know it might not work out “exactly” how we picture it.
Like breastfeeding or their sleeping arrangements or my thoughts about maintaining my wifely duties. Who knows what will happen when I have TWO babies to care for. I’m sure we’ll probably be eating a lot of takeout, I’ll have big black bags under my eyes and won’t wash my hair for weeks (bc I already don’t wash it for days-ha! Thank you prenatal vitamins).
Needless to say, I know it will be so so worth it. These two have already stolen my heart. I talk to them every day, and try my hardest not to drop any f-bombs anymore.
When I see pictures of twins on FB or pinterest or wherever, I cry. They are too sweet. I can’t wait to meet binky and winky. I really can’t wait to see their little faces and kiss them and welcome them to this world!
I mean, seriously?!
How can you NOT cry when you look at these two?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

To my babies...

HI! I’m still alive and well. So so so well.
These two binkers,, guys! They are growing so big and strong!
The doctor told me yesterday, “They are the same size as a single pregnancy at 20weeks.” Dr. Lim, my doctor, expects them to be 6-7lbs each!
I’m a proud Mama!
These two are moving and grooving and although I didn’t realize what exactly I was feeling at first I now know that it’s my precious babies moving all around in my belly.
Dr. Lim said yesterday, “Wow, so much kicking going on in there.”
To my babies,
Even Dr. Lim is excited to meet you! She said yesterday she doesn’t even know what gender you are and she finds twins so fascinating, just like Daddy and me!
Daddy and I learned Friday at the sonogram that there is chance you could be identical. Daddy thinks now you’re either two girls or two boys.
Mommy thinks you’re a boy and a girl.
To me you already seem different.
Baby A, my sweet Baby A, you are so low and I feel like you have less room to move and groove than your sister or brother.
I think are you going to be our sweet, laid back baby. I hope that means you’ll let me snuggle with you!
Baby B, you’re already our wild child. You made us laugh at the sonogram because you moved all around my belly and the sonographer was having a hard time measuring you.
You even moved down my belly to wake up your brother or sister to play!
Even as I type I have tears in my eyes thinking about you two! No words can even express how excited, happy, exhilarated I am that Daddy and I got blessed with TWO sweet babies!
We pray for you every night and we can’t wait to meet you!
Daddy picked up your cribs last night. Daddy said, “It’s starting to feel really real.” It was raining and Daddy dragged mud all in the house and tried to blame it on your puppy dog, Chase. I told him, No way! Daddy had mud on his shoes.
Daddy has been listening to you in my belly and talking to you. Usually in funny voices.
Mommy’s been listening to all sorts of music, in hopes you’ll like to dance as much as I do!
Keep growing big and strong!
Mommy loves you!
Since I haven't posted in a while...

18 Weeks Prego

20 Weeks Pregnant
Ravens M&T Bank Stadium for my work holiday party.

Promise to keep blogging! Miss everyone!