Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Emily’s Bachelorette “after party”...

Oh man, I’ve been so MIA these past couple of weeks.
I promise I will still post how to make those glitter wine glasses! That was such a great, easy project! In the meantime…..
 I know I had also promised to post pictures from Emily’s bachelorette “after party”.
A handful of us girls had decided to take Emily’s bachelorette party to a new location and go to a local bar on the water. A band was playing that night and they were really good (which can’t be confirmed or denied because that might have been the wine talking) so we got the chance to dance!
 All I know or remember is that the band members were super nice to us and even invited us on stage to dance.
By the time we got off stage, the guys (or the husbands) had showed up to the bar we were at.
My one guy friend just looked at me in disgust and said, “God Mandy you are so sweaty!”
Hello, I was on stage. I had to put on my very best performance; which meant there was no time to think about minor consequences like having wet sweat hair or smelling like an armpit. On stage, means you have to bust out your very best dance moves and get so low that you have to pray to the lord above that you can get back up.
Whateves. We rocked it.
I think all the girls had a wonderful time dancing and hanging out!
I know Matt had fun with all the guys- they went out on the boat. By the time they had got over to the bar to meet us, my husband was sleeping on the bar. You know, Bogdan’s keep it classy.
The after party pics were taken with my girlfriend, Ashley’s, Iphone.

I love this picture of Matt and I. Matt goes, “I do not remember taking these pictures at all.”
What the hell, man.
The next day Matt felt sick. At dinner he looked at me really seriously and said, “I’m ready to start a family.”
Too old to party? I think so. I’m on the same page. I wouldn’t mind expanding family Bogdan in the near future.
Guess we'll see.
Sidenote: Anyone else into the band "The Gaslight Anthem?" I enjoy.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Surprise for Emily

Saturday I had BIG plans. I was hosting my best girlfriend, Emily’s, bachelorette party at a local wine vineyard.
I had the works- homemade wine glasses (post on those to come), tasty sweets and lots of wonderful ladies ready to join in on the wine tasting fun.
And then I woke up Saturday and it was raining. Not even raining, pouring, monsoon pouring. I could have cried. I didn’t know what to do- cancel the bachelorette party?
I’m glad my sister and friend, Jess, were willing to help me make an executive decision. We decided to have a wine tasting at my house!
Jess and I went out and got 6 different types of wines to sample. (The woman at the liquor store even gave me a 15% discount for buying so many bottles. How nice was that?)
Even though this wasn’t a typical bachelorette party—loud club, sloppy drunk girls, yucky stippers and pen15 everything. This was more Emily’s speed; and I liked it.
(Although, a handful of us went out afterwards to a local bar and danced on stage with the band. I think we bought the right amount of crazy. I'll post those pics later).
My girlfriend, Emily, was so surprised. I was so happy. I was scared she would find out since we live across the street from each other.
Since we couldn’t go to the vineyard I just texted her Saturday and said to get really dressed up because I had a fun girl’s surprise for her and I to do. What in the world that would be….I do not know? ha! Surprisingly she didn’t ask too many questions.
The bachelorette party was so fun. We have such an amazing group of friends and neighbors. All the girls were so gracious about the last minute changes.
I love how these pictures turned out. (I just love how light and happy my house is- ha!)
My sister made these adorable cookies! I loved them!
Jess, my sister and I made these "last fling before the ring" wine glasses. All the girls loved them!
Post to come.

I think for a last minute party I pulled it off.
Emily seemed to have a wonderful time- yay!

Friday, July 20, 2012

"It's a Girl" Photo Shoot!

Don’t get your hopes up, ladies. This is not for me. I am not having a baby….yet. I am still enjoying my wine summer.
My neighbor, Jeanette, asked me to take a few pregnancy photos of her and her hubs to reveal the gender of their baby in a fun way.
Remember I did this for my bf, Jess, a few months back? You can see that reveal here.
I love doing this for my girlfriends. Even though I’m no professional photographer, I try my best to capture some cute photos!
His and her hands.
I had so much fun taking these photos for them!

Jeanette's husband Chuck said I sounded like I was shooting a porn-o. I kept screaming, "Oh yeah!! Oh my god!! Love it!! Love it!!"

There just can't be a dull moment with me. I had to bring the crazy.

Happy Friday, y'all!

Monday, July 16, 2012


My sister and brother in-law bought two mountain bikes off of our neighbors for 50 bucks.
Seriously good way to spend $50.
We had those bad boys out every day, last week after work, riding all around the neighborhood.
I have the sore vagina to prove it.  
We were also attempting to teach my three-year-old nephew how to ride a bike. (mostly trying to get the whole pedaling thing down).
I kept yelling things like…
“Don’t Stop!! Keeping pedaling!! Like a MACHINE!! Like a MACHINE!!”
I came to the realization that my nephew probably doesn’t know what I mean when I say “like a machine!” I really don’t even know what I’m saying.
I also loved when my sister came back from a bike ride with Matt she asked, “How’s Trav doin” (regarding learning how to pedal).
I said, “It’s too much pressure. There are too many people around.”
Then Trav told her, “Yeah Mama, it’s too much pressure. It’s just too much pressure.”
I keep forgetting three is the repeat-everything-Aunt-Mandy-says age.
Now Matt is all about getting bikes. I’m 100% down but I really need a bike that is a little less painful. The mountain bike is clearly geared towards someone who has….well, balls.
I found this cuteness on The Walmart’s website and for less than $100 bucks. Oh snap!

Wonder if Matty will buy for me?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

All Smiles...

Random pictures like this remind me of how much fun I have with Matt.
(Can you see his head?)
I don' t know, this picture had me laughing out loud. We're so odd.
Someone just posted a bunch of pictures on FB from when we went a couple of weeks ago on our friend Chris’ boat.
(Remember I talked about it here).
It was probably the best time I've ever had out on the boat because all of our friends were there.
And lets be honest, I look terrible in all of these pictures-- a mixature of no make-up, dirty bay hair and booze can do that to you.
But these pictures just made me smile because it was just such a fun day!
Seriously took me a good 20minutes to get on that stupid raft.
But it was worth my $.97 from the Walmart.

Gosh, smile girls? What were we doing?

You think it's fun for Buffet (Chris' dog) to get in the water until his toenails scratch your whole entire body and you have to get him back on the boat.

Men are so barbaric.

Seriously fun day.

Ok, I'm ready for the weekend now....

Monday, July 9, 2012

I'm Loving...

-Coldplay’s new(ish) album Mylo Xyloto; their music is seriously good!
-Kourtney Kardash’s baby girls name Penelope Scotland ---the right amount of Hollywood weirdness.
-How lovable my nephew was this weekend. He was no stop hugs and kisses.
Dress: Forever 21 Sandals: Charlotte Russe
-I love how Travis kept coming back (to where I was sitting) during fireworks to sit on my lap. Even if it was 110 degrees. He just melts my heart.
-Matt’s grillin out skills!
-My Matty
-That this week it’s no longer going to be 110 degrees outside. Hello, high 80’s we’ve missed you.
-How much our vegetable garden is growing! So proud of Matt’s gardening skills. Matt reminds me of my pop-pop with all these veggies!
Can't wait to eat these!

What are you loving this week?

Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday “Perfection”

Big thanks to my blog bestie, Faith, for linking me up to her blog this fine Friday.
Faith and I are like long-lost-sisters. Our lives are very similar and we tend to talk, act and drink alike. (Us girls like our wine).
Figured since Faith linked me up, I’d do a little intro post for those of you who don’t know me.
A coworker made the comment the other day that I’m “just filled with rainbows and butterflies.”
Annoying right? But I highly enjoy both, so I’ll take it.  
And it’s probably true. I’m uber hyper and overly “smiley.” (You know how that combo alone is too much for people). I don’t mean to be so smiley but when your teeth are this big and white it tends to just happen.
Just enjoy it people.
Halloween 2010-Just note the teeth.

I’m married to a really good guy, Matt, and we have lots of fun together trying to figure out this whole marriage thing. It ain’t always pretty but we make it work in our own quirky way.
It sometimes gets awkward..

Matt is in a band I think he’s so rad.
I also very much enjoy my husband looking like a lumberjack, so the bigger the beard the better!
We recently bought our first home and I’m learning that my lumberjack hubs is really a Mr. fix-it. Totally impressed with him.
We also have our dog, Chase, who’s just as hyper as his parents and needs to be medicated. Seriously. His medicine is called “coma-calm” no joke. Chase ate our couch, and love seat and my bras….and my favorite winter jacket..and the list goes on.
Plans to grow our little family is in the near future but first I’m enjoying my summer (and wine).
Hope you’ll follow our little odd life.