Our Love Story

How Matt and I met isn’t your typical love story. Matt didn’t come riding in on a horse to save me or we weren’t childhood best. It’s a much different story, one that we usually try to avoid by saying we met through “mutual friends.” 
It was the day before New Year’s Eve 2004, soon to become 2005 (obviously). I had finished up my first semester at community college. I was excited when my neighbor, Matt M, had invited the neighborhood girls to go down to a new nightclub, Iguana Cantina. I was 18-years-old. Oh a beautiful, youthful, wild, 18-year-old girl. All the neighborhood girls ventured down to the new nightclub with Matt M (who was like a big brother to us) to do what we did best at 18, party and dance.  
The club was packed and we ended up sneaking and getting ourselves the famous bottomless “red cup.” Meaning, we then had access to get all the drinks we wanted at the bar. We drank and danced a lot. I ended up running into Matt M’s friend Brian. I said, “Hi” to Brian and gave him a hug. Then Brian’s friend came out of nowhere to introduce himself. His name was also Matt. He seemed like a nice guy. But why was “new” Matt wearing a hoodie to a night club? He obviously got talked in to coming out that night.
“New” Matt and I ended up talking for a while. Now if you know me, you know I talk a lot and always with my hands. So while I was talking to new Matt I ended up hitting his beer with my very animated hand. Beer spilt all over his arm. Oops. New Matt told me, “Now you have to come get another beer with me.”  So I did.
New Matt also sported a pen behind his ear. (This was just as odd as the hoodie he wore).  I asked, “Why do you have a pen in your ear, to get girls numbers?”  I then decided to write my number on new Matt’s hand (my very fake number). I don’t know why I did that, I guess I wasn’t sure if I wanted this guy calling me or not. But after hanging out with new Matt all night I realized, I actually like this guy. He made me laugh and had a great smile. So I had to awkwardly tell him, “Here let me give you my real number.” (Sorry for that bitchy move Matt)
I ended up riding home with new Matt. (Who allowed me to do that? So dangerous, but I guess I thought it was ok because he was a mutual friend). On the way home I had to use the bathroom so bad. New Matt said we could stop at his parents’ house and I could use their bathroom. (Again, so risky. What was I thinking? I don’t condone this behavior). I used the bathroom fast. On our way out the door we ran into Matt’s parents. I remember it like it was yesterday. My now father in-law’s first words to me were, “Damn girl, you smell like whiskey!”
Well, that’s one way to make a first impression. 

This is actually a picture from the first night Matt and I met. (Matt had a throw away camera in his car glove box). Can you believe that? (I never said it was "good" picture).