Our Wedding Day

The day of our wedding I did something crazy.
Hold your breath ladies.
I woke up next to Matt like I have for the last three years, we then walked our precious little dog together and after I showered, I then drove to my parent’s house where I proceed to do my own hair and make-up for my big day.
Gasp! She did her own hair and make-up?
Yes, I did my own hair and make-up
(Sidenote: I decided to take it upon myself to do my own hair and makeup because when I had my trail hair and make-up session done, I looked crazy. I remember the girl taking my picture and me saying, “Why do I look like that? Why do my eyes look so small?” I didn’t look like me, at all. I thought to myself, Matt’s going to be like, “Who the hell is this clown?” Yes, clown. The makeup was wack. I decided that day; I like me best when I look like myself! Thus, I took my bridal look into my own hands.)
I know my sense of normalcy makes you think I’m crazy, but in reality I just knew if I did my own hair and make-up I would like it. Simple. as. that. And most importantly, I knew Matt would like it.
I also did my mom’s hair the day of my wedding. What the hell is up with us? Lol
Seriously, I certainly wasn’t a bridezilla.
It was a nice calming feelings sitting on the floor, doing my makeup, in front of the full length mirror that hung behind my childhood bedroom door.
Listening to my mom yell in.
I had spent so many years in this room and now I was about to marry the man of my dreams.
I couldn’t have smiled any bigger!
I remember hearing the knock on the front door.
My flowers!
Oh. My. God. The florist nailed it. She did such an amazing job! I thought my mom and I were going to cry. I totally sent the florist a thank you card. She was awesome!
After the flowers came, the girls finally arrived. (They weren’t as daring as me and went and got their hair done at a local beauty shop. They looked gorgeous!)
When the limo arrived we were ready to go. I wasn't nervous at all. Just excited. I had waited for this day since the day I met Matt (six years earlier).
The part that made me nervous; waiting to walk down the aisle. Being in the waiting room in the church with my father, we were both anxious to get out there!
Then as we walked down the aisle, I did something I thought I wouldn’t have done.
I did NOT cry at all! WTH?! I thought for sure I was going to cry. Nope, I just couldn’t remove the huge smile from my face. I couldn’t wait to get up there, standing next to my best friend.
This photo really shows off the bouquets, I loved them!
 My Mother and I :-)
 This is what happens when Wilson Phillips comes on
I think it's safe to say everyone had a really good time at the reception!

I know I did!