Thursday, February 6, 2014

Finding Time...

My babies are 10 months old.
And time has gotten away from me.
I have been taking in every second of being a mom to two sweet little boys, Wyatt and Sawyer. 
 I mean, does it get any cuter?
My babies, they amaze me. 
They are more than I could have ever imagined.
My heart is so full.
I am so in love.
I get to spend everyday with these two boys.
They are so incredible.
Everyday they are developing and learning and I don't have to miss a second.
I am forever grateful that Matt has given me a chance, opportunity, a wonderful gift of being a stay at home mom.
I was suppose to blog about this 1st year of life.
But time, it got away from me.
(See pic above, Hello!)
Sleepless nights, we had plenty of them.
Energy, I hardly had have time to shower.
Makeup? What the hell is makeup?!
Not to mention the fact that I live in yoga pants and granny panties.
(That reminds me, it's been almost a year. Time to retire the ole' cotton ex-large maternity underwear. Should have NEVER bought those. Once you have worn them, my god, it's too hard to go back).
So my glorious plan of blogging about my sweet twins first year of life got away from me.
For the mere fact of not having these memories recorded, this saddens me.
But to have actually experienced all these wonderful things and not felt stressed or sucked into technology, I am okay with it.
Plus, um, I have boys.
Do boys really care about things like baby books and old ma's blog?
I'm gonna go with a "probably not."
But anyway, I miss writing.
Maybe I should get back into it.
Life as a mom,


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