Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend in Review: Party Hardy.

Since Matt and I had the “baby talk,” and decided that we’ll most likely start trying for a little binker this fall we’ve been in living-it-up mode, and keep telling each other “one last summer of freedom!”
Even when I drink too much and sneak a cig from a random crusty old man, Matt says “Smoke that cigarette now because that ain’t happening after this summer.”
(It should never happen, but tipsy Mandy can’t control her wild side and love for a good cig).
This weekend Matt had two shows with his band (Friday and Saturday) so I was left to “live- it-up” on my own.
Friday I had my girlfriends over for some wine and girl talk.
 Although, three of the six girls are pregnant so that meant more (way more) wine for us non-prego girls.
We had a good time and looked at old pictures my mom had dropped off a few weeks back and I (of course) thought it would be a hoot if I read my old high school diary.
It was hilarious to read my thoughts as 16-year-old girl. Not emotional at all, not! Talk about being love sick. Wow. Everyone was laughing. It was good stuff. I also had old school notes from some of the girls, so those were fun to read as well!
Saturday I met a couple of friends down at my guy friend Chris’ houseboat.
We hung out at the boat for a few hours and then headed to a bar/restaurant on the water.
It was packed and all I ate Saturday was breakfast at 7:00am so when dinner didn’t come till 9:15 (no joke!) and many cocktails had been consumed I was feeling really good. (We ALL were feeling really good.) We waited so long we got free orange crushes, I just couldn’t say no to them. They wanted me to drink them.
We laughed, danced and enjoyed the nice warm night on the water.
And then something soo random happened. I guess I put it out in the universe the night before when I was reading that old high school dairy….
I ran into two guys I had dated in high school/college. How odd is that? I hadn’t seen these guys since we hung out five-eight years ago. Weird.
It was a very random night/weekend.
Mother’s day was spent recovering in the a.m. and hanging out with my mother in-law and mom during the day and night!
It was a nice ending to a fun weekend!
7 days till Matt and I hit the beach!
Be jealous y’all!
Sorry only have phone pic evidence of the weekend. I promise to stop being so lame to start taking more pictures!
Chase told us he's living-it-up as well this summer.
It's fine. I'll bring the crazy.
 How could you not have fun on a night like this?


Cassandra said...

I love girls nights. It definitely doesn't hurt when have of them are prego. Pass that wine over!

I need to find my old journals and have a good laugh. I can only imagine how boy crazy I probably sounded.

Whitney@Keeping Up with the Cyperts said...

Oh Lordy! I came across one of my diaries the other day that had been hiding in our guest room. It. Was. Funnny. And ridiculous! I'm glad you had a great weekend, I am jealous of the parties! SO exciting that y'all will start trying for a little one in the fall!

Faith said...

i think we would be best friends in real life. seriously.