Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I'm Back!

Vacation was so nice.
 Like, I never wanted to return back to reality nice.
“reality”= work.
I let my body fry in the hot summer sunshine.
I must be tan. Everybody at work kept telling me how great I looked. Geez. Was my pale Irish skin not appealing to everyone? Whateves, coworkers.
 On vaca, I was also finally able to finish Catching Fire and started reading Fifty Shades of Grey…Holy sexual. Lord help me. It’s weird but I’m into it. At this point, I can’t put Fifty Shades of Grey down.
All in all, the “ocean” was fabulous.
We did everything I could dream of…
Lay on the beach
Drank some yummy cocktails and Coronas
Ate Crabs
Laid out in the hot summer sun
Shopped at the outlets
Celebrated our 1-year-wedding anniversary- Holler!
Enjoyed my insanely big hair, thank you humidity
Did some night swimming
Awkwardly listened to the people above our hotel room do- it.
(Never heard a man grunt like that…ehh)
Ate some fabulous food
Rekindled my marriage
Enjoyed time with some great friends and my hubby
I love vacations.  
See the hair...it was out of control. I loved every second of it.
Today is officially our 1-year wedding anniversary. I did the cutest thing for Matt. Can’t wait to share!


Cassandra Henri said...

Looks like a BLAST. I don't think I would want to come back either. Welcome back to reality!

Faith said...

I think your hair looks so great. Welcome back to reality, that always sucks.

Love the pictures! Looks like a great time!