Sunday, October 28, 2012

13 Weeks..

Man, I am so MIA during this pregnancy and I have so much to talk about all the time. 

Why is it, I found out I'm pregnant with twins and I'm so busy at work and in life. 

Anyways, pregnancy has been so good. 

I cry about the twins basically everyday. 

It doesn't take much. 

I'll be driving in the car to work thinking about their arrival and flood works. 

I'm out of control. I'm too damn excited about wink and bink!

Dado (my Dad) officially named them binky and winky. And since Matt and I are old school and not finding out the gender of these two beans, wink and bink is stickin.

Girlfriends, my belly is growing at rapid speeds. 

Am I the only in maternity clothes at 13 weeks?
Actually, don't answer that. 

Seriously though, I'm not mad because I know bink and wink are growing so big and strong!
We went for another sonogram at 13 weeks and OH MY!
These two were reaaally putting on a show.
Did I really expect anything less?
These are mine and Matt's children and we both LOVE being the center of attention so did I really expect for these two little binkers not to be insanely cute and active?
The radiologist was into it. She printed 15 plus pictures for us.
She was all, "Oh my god! These two are HAMS! They are pullin out all the tricks."
I mean, they were spooning for the love of god. Spooning. It doesn't get any cuter.
   Babies, We CANNOT wait to meet you!

Stay strong in Mommy's belly!


Brittany said...

SO sweet! And you look amazing little momma! I can't wait to watch your belly continue to grow with bink and wink :).

Faith said...

Ahh I love this! You have to make sure to update often and not keep is hanging! You look so fabulous! And since you have two in there it is kinda like you are 26 weeks, right?! Right!

Faith said...


Whitney@Keeping Up with the Cyperts said...

You look SO cute! And I agree with Faith, keep us updated woman!! Your bump is growing fast, lucky! I can't believe you are having twins...SO exciting!

TJOsMommy said...

adorable! love the pic of bink (or is it winks) waving HI :)

so seriously...NOT finding out? What about a gender reveal party? You can have the baker at the bakery make your cakes blue or pink and SURPRISE! OR...i thought this one was cute...have boxes filled with either pink or blue balloons (or both) and let them fly! so many creative ways! look awesome! love the update!