Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Pregnancy 411

16 weeks into in this whole twin pregnancy deal.
So far, I am a freakishly good pregnant person.
I would say.
My sister on the other hand thinks I can be a total B when I want to be.  I just sometimes want to punch certain people in the face, is that really that bad?
Things to look forward to during your pregnancy or at least these are things I’ve been experiencing.
1.Itchy boobs and belly. Lord. I don’t think someone could humanly use anymore coco butter and baby oil. The stretching of the skin has started and everything won’t stop growing.
Classic Matt line, “Oh my god! Your boobs are ENGORGED!!”  Even though he swears he doesn’t use this word, he’s said it twice to me while open jaw staring at my breast. And I get it, these puppies look like they might explode at any minute.
2.Crying no let me rephrase that, sobbing at the drop of a hat.  
Yes, I sobbed for same-sex marriage rights at the voting station. It just got to me. How would I feel if I didn’t have to legal right to marry who I loved? The poor man, holding up the sign for question 6, didn’t know what hit him. I sobbed, he cried. I had to awkwardly run away. I just felt for him and his family. Same-sex marriage passed in Maryland, I sobbed. Hormones will do it to ya.
And of course every time I think about binky and winky, the tears keep falling.
3.The need to purge junk!
I am a clean freak who can’t stop. I got rid of four big black trash bags full of stuff last weekend. I told Matt, “Two more humans are coming to live with us. I have to get rid of this stuff!”
4.When  I’m hungry, I’m starving!
A normal person gets hungry and can hold off for 10 minutes or so to eat. Pregnant hungry Mandy, please get the hell out of the way!
5.Cravings, I think
I’ve been really into certain foods lately. Like peanuts. I can get enough of peanuts. And milkshakes, I’ve been making them like a mad woman. Matt, was all confused when he heard the blender- we have a blender?  Bananas. I’ve been putting bananas on top of everything. Blueberry eggos with peanut butter and banana on top, you bet ya. Pumpkin bread with strawberry cream cheese and bananas on top, it was amazing!
The list goes on and on but so far, those are some fun things to look forward too if you’re planning on get prego.
PS> I was in a wedding a few weeks back. The dress barely fit. But I got the dress zipped, that’s all that matters.  
The wedding was so fun.
Drunk Mandy probably would have had more fun but sober pregnant with twins Mandy danced her butt off.
Nothin can stop me from dancing, girlfriends.

16 Week bump pics to come this weekend!


Faith said...

OK, i was laughing out loud from this post but i tend to do that with your posts.

first the crying at the voting polls. hahaha. hilarious!

nothing wrong with wanting to punch people in the face. i want to do it often and i'm not preggo. no excuse here.

itchy boobs and belly. yea, fun.

i eat blueberry eggos all the time! ALL THE TIME! i must try with bananas.

thanks for the update ... i thought i was going to have to leave a warning on your blog about your disappearance. not cool Mandy, not cool!

Mandy said...

Faith, LMAO! Ugh. I've been so bad. So bad. I need to keep up with my blog, I love it and I have too many weird things with my body going on NOT to share.
I promise I am taking bump pics this weekend. This bump is out of control. Lord.

Whitney said...

Hahaha you make me laugh and I love it! Sorry about the itchy boobs and belly, it means those babies are growing like they are supposed to! Glad you had fun at the wedding, I can't wait to see the "bump" pics soon! And it had better be SOON!

laura said...

Best wedding ever!!! Stop being such a B! HAHA!