Monday, February 6, 2012

Mild Winter

This winter has been so mild and, honestly, so perfect.
I feel like we have really lucked out (so far) with the weather and our sunny weekends.
The last couple of Sundays my parents and I have taken Chase for walks to different parks around my neighborhood.
I need to keep all these parks in mind for when I have a baby J
We went to Gunpowder State Park this past Sunday and I total forgot that it even existed.
In high school my girlfriends and I would go up to Gunpowder Park because they have a little beach there. But the people who would go swimming there were always a little……odd. The last time us girls had gone we saw a chick in her bra and underwear with a shower cap on her head. Girl, it was random. But in all honesty, her underwear and bra probably had more material then our little bathing suits.
Anyway, my parents and I took Chase to the park for a few hours to try and wear his butt out.  
Have I told you about Chase’s new bad habit?
Escaping out of our front door and running all around the neighborhood and back into the woods behind our house.
Little bad ass.
We’re lucky to have such wonderful neighbors, they all come out with their dogs to try and help catch Chase.
I can’t wait to put up a fence. This dog needs it.
So even though I was totally P.O.’d (remember when people use to say PO’d instead of pissed off? Totally bringing it back) at Chase for escaping out the front door, I thought a walk would be a great way for Chase to sniff and exercise some of his energy out.
My only complaint about the park was the abundance of goose poop.

Seriously, these geese must have taken about a million poops all over the park.
It was hard not to step in a pile of poo.
It was so bad that when Chase pooped my Mom was all, “Leave it. There is so much poo around here already, how will anyone know the difference?”
What rebels, we are, adding to the piles of poo.  
It was so nice to be outside and soaking up some sunshine!
I even peed in a porta-potty so we could stay longer.
Totally. Worth. It.
Red Hott Shades are from PacSun, do you dig?

Matt didn’t join in on the goose poop adventure because he was busy exchanging a 30 pack of beer for a whole weight set. (It’s how we do in Baltimore, it’s all about the beer).
Looks like my hubs is going to get him some muscles. Does this mean I have to exercise more? Sounds terrible.


Whitney@Keeping Up with the Cyperts said...

Chase is SO cute!! And I like the red sunglasses. Super cute!

laura said...

Nothing like eating lunch and seeing chase running behind my fence. HAHA!! BAD BOY!!

Brittany said...

In LOVE with the red sunnies! Course you're so gorgeous, you could pull anything off.