Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Nacho Grande

I think it’s time for me to expand my blog, I’m thinking of adding more post about recent recipes I’ve made and maybe even adding some post on fashion.   
Even though I’m not the best cook/baker, I do get told by people that I’m a good “housewife.” (Housewife used loosely here, since I do work a 40 hour work week).
But I guess it’s safe to say that I have mastered some good domestic skills throughout my years.
 I think sharing some of my quick dinner recipes and unique fashion/decorating designs might be fun, since those who read my blog seem to be in the same stage of their life as I am. (newlyweds, 1st time homeowners, on a budget, 20somethings).
So I’ve decided to attempt to do my first recipe post.
Matt and I both work very long days, so I usually don’t even get to start dinner till around 6:30ish. Most of my dinners are fast and easy! (Less is more, in this house, hon.)
Nacho Grande is a classic Mexican dish in our household, which I will never get sick of.
My sister literally learned how to make this in her 7th grade food class and I forbid giving it up! Ha!
It’s so easy, fast and tasty.
You will need:
1 pound of ground beef
1 can of refried beans
1 jar of Salsa
1 bag of Tortilla Chips
1 bag of shredded cheese
Taco Seasoning
Sour Cream
Cookie Sheet

Green Pepper
(onion and green pepper can be cut up and added to your ground beef, if you like)

1.)    Put oven on 350 degrees
2.)    Cook ground beef until brown. (If you like, add onion and green pepper to ground beef)
3.)    Once ground beef is brown, drain grease and add your taco seasoning and 1 cup of water
(if you don’t like taco seasoning/spicy food you do not need to add it to the beef)
4.)    Put refried beans in the microwave for 2 minutes or until hot
5.)    Put foil on your cookie sheet and then put a layer of tortilla chips down
6.)    On top of tortilla chips add refried beans
7.)    Add your jar of salsa
8.)    Add your cooked ground beef
9.)    Top is off with cheese
10.) Put in oven for about 10minutes or until cheese is melted
11.) Serve with sour cream on top and extra chips
Step 5
                                                                                   Step 6
                                                                                    Step 7
                                                                                 Step 8
                                                                                   Step 9
 Add some sour cream and enjoy!
This is such a great dish to make on a weekday night after a long day at the office.
Let me know if anyone attempts this! :-)


Faith said...

That looks so good! I will def. attempt it! Looks delish and easy which is obviously the best part!

I like the idea of you sharing recipes and outfits. I sometimes want to do the outfit posts but then I don't. Maybe one day I'll change my mind :)

Mandy Bogdan said...

Oh Yay! I'm excited that you think it looks good! I was like, does this look good or gross...hmmm. But it's bangin, trust me! Make it and let me know how it turns out!

I know what you mean about the outfit post- I always think, should I do it? I just don't have designer clothes so I think will anyone even care or make fun of my F21 and Target outfits?! Haaha. But girl, if you will enjoy then I'm def. willing to start trying some! And you should def. do some fashion post, I always love your outfits!

Whitney@Keeping Up with the Cyperts said...

Oh my goodness would my husband love this!! Thanks for sharing! All of that cheese is making me hungry! : )

Thanks for following me!! I am now your newest follower!

Bridget@Flour N Friends said...

Hi Mandy! I just found your blog through Keeping up w the Cyperts..I checked out your wedding story..kudos to you for doing your own hair and makeup. I as well thought I looked like a freak after my trial, but I had her fix the minor things and I loved it..I didn't want to not look like myself! I was laid back and relaxed as well..heck I got married in a barn! I wasn't nervous at all either..until right before I walked down the aisle! I'm your newest follower and I'd love it if you followed me back you can check out my photography section and my wedding is in there if you'd like to take a peek. So happy to be your newest follower!

laura said...

This was good in 7th grade and still good now....haha!

TJOsMommy said...

I'm putting the ingredients on my shopping list ;)

Mandy Bogdan said...

@Bridget and Whitney- THanks for following my blog! :-) Yay!

And if anyone attempts this nacho grande madness, let me know how it turns out! Bc trust me, it's A-MAZ-ING!

Brittany said...

Yummmmmm! Looks SO good! Will definitely be trying this. And I would love it if you did more recipe/outfit have such great style!

Faith said...

nothing is wrong with F21 and Target! i love shopping at both places ... and do all.the.time!

if you have style, you have style. doesn't matter where you shop :)