Thursday, September 20, 2012

Emily's Bridal Shower

Saturday I hosted Emily’s bridal shower at my house.
I felt lucky because all the girls offered to bring a snack (and I totally took them up on their offers.) We had so much food and it was all so tasty. Thank you pinterest for making things interesting.
The shower was very sweet and relaxed. We didn’t play any games; instead I had created a “date night” box where each guest wrote an idea for a date. It was really cute and I had fun listening to Emily read the “date night” ideas after everyone had left.
For favors I went to Bath and Body Works and got each guest a travel size lotion and hand sanitizer.  The lotions were the “new” scent for the season, and the sanitizers were the scent “love.” With my coupons I only spent $30 on the favors for 20 guests. I thought that was a steal! And to add some cuteness to them I just tied them together with a purple ribbon. Seriously, all the girls went bananas over these. Guess you can never have too many lotions for your purse.
The weather Saturday was perfect so some guest even sat outside to eat. It really ended up being a beautiful shower.
Okay, don't you die over this "Bride-to-Be" Banner. Thank you Mama Claire for helping me!
Pat on my back for an awesome job! ;-)


Brittany said...

What an AMAZING shower!! You did such a fabulous job, Miss Hostess! I love the banner...and the chalkboard sign...and so thoughtful to do little favors! The date night box is a great idea too! Definitely going to steal some of your ideas for future showers :)

Faith said...

What a great shower! You did a fabulous job!

I love the date night box idea, so cute!

You look incredible! Loving your hair!

Whitney@Keeping Up with the Cyperts said...

Oh my goodness.....those cupcakes!!! Making my mouth water like crazy. Great job you little hostess you! Everything turned out so cute and looks like y'all had a blast together!

Kasey Lynne said...

That banner is so cute! Good job!

I'm also loving your red dress...but I'm pretty much obsessed with anything red.

laura said...

You did I great job! I think Emmy really enjoyed the shower.