Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I’m a total pain in my husband’s...

I told Matt that I keep having nightmares about someone trying to break into our house.
I don’t know why I keep dreaming and thinking these horrible thoughts- I’m sure American Horror Story isn’t helping.
Plus, let’s be honest, the nicest thing we own is our Crate & Barrel wine rack and that is still only $250.
Nevertheless, I kept begging Matt to put a motion detector spotlight on the side of our house.
For when I walk Chase and take out the trash.
We are next to the woods, y’all. It’s pretty in the daylight but spooky at night.
Man, I didn’t realize the amount of electrical work and TIME that goes into hanging a spotlight. (Obviously).
The running of wires across the attic and down the walls plus the husband having to use all his upper body strength to climb up and down our attic that has no stairs; and not to forget the climbing of the ladder outside in the cold.
His whole weekend was spent hanging this damn spotlight.
Pulling up to the house after a shopping trip on Sunday and seeing my poor husband 20 feet up a ladder on a 30 degree day, I realized- Damn, I am a pain in my husband’s ass.
The husband assured me that “no” he enjoys doing things like this and fixing up our little home.
I owe this guy a 30 pack or something.
The payoff is seriously…..bright. I love the side motion detector light!
Thinking I might be a little over kill on the lighting of the house. Ha!
 Don't mind the phone picture- I took no pictures this weekend. What's wrong with me?
Oh and we he still has to put up the new motion detector porch light in the back of the house. 


Faith said...

i had hubby do that too ... only difference is that he got his electrician friend to do it. either way, i got my light, haha.

way to go Mr. Bogdan!

TJOsMommy said...

Your hubby is awesome. Mine would pay someone else to do it!

Whitney@Keeping Up with the Cyperts said...

Hahaha I already love your blog! You make me laugh. And I LOVE American Horror Story!!

laura said...

Fyi...chase goes crazy when someone is near your house....I threw a bag of Jake doodoo in your trash can yesterday and chase flipped out