Monday, December 31, 2012

Looking Back on 2012...

2012 is the year that our lives changed. 

I still remember peeing on "the stick" early that August morning. 

Thinking, could I really be pregnant? 

Talking to myself; I don't feel pregnant, but Matt says my body (in reality boobs) look different and I'm sleeping a lot more. 

But really, could it be that easy for us to get pregnant? 

I just don't know. 

It was exactly one month since the first day of my last period, to the day. 6:30a.m. on a Sunday. I was too anxious. I had to take a test and just see...

I peed and flipped over the pee stick and BAM! 
I saw it. 
Two lines. 
But wait, it says it takes two minutes. 
So I flipped through my Glamour magazine and waited. 
And looked again. 
Two lines. 
I'm pregnant!!! I'm pregnant!! 

I looked into the mirror at myself, and cried. I looked at myself for a few seconds and did that dramatic ugly mirror cry. You know, the one you do when you're a dramatic girl. 
Then I ran into the bedroom crying, sobbing, yelling!
" Matt! Matt! I'm pregnant! We're pregnant!" 

I laid on Matt's chest sobbing. 
We did it. We were having a baby.
Oh. My. Goodness, we are having a baby! 

Two weeks later we go for our first sonogram. 
I was nervous for my little baby. 
"Please Cunnie and Pop-Pop, look over this baby. Please let it's heartbeat be strong and healthy."

The night before I did what my hippie mother always suggests. 
I wrote on a piece of paper what I wanted in life "Baby Bogdan strong, healthy, heartbeat" 
My mom says you put it out into the universe so it comes true. 
It had worked two weeks earlier when I wrote one out for a baby..
So I did just that.
And wrote and prayed for my little baby to have a strong heartbeat. 

We went in for the ultrasound and our little simple life changed forever. 

There wasn't one baby, there was two!
Both had their heartbeats, both seemed to be doing well. 
I sobbed. I just kept thinking, we are so so blessed. 

Now here we are. I'm almost 24 weeks pregnant. 
We are preparing for our sweet babies arrivals and couldn't be more excited. 
2012 was the year that changed our lives but 2013 will be the year that our lives get a lot more interesting. 
I am looking forward to holding my sweet babies in my arms and kissing them a thousand times a day. 
I can't wait to feel "that love" that all the moms talk about but I've never experienced.
I can't wait to watch my babies laugh and play and enjoy life as much as Matt and I do. 

I don't think any year will be as exciting as 2013 is going to be! 
Can't wait to officially be Bogdan Party of Four!


Whitney said...

SO exciting! Ugh you are making me want babies! : ) I can't wait to "meet" these two little precious babies!

Brittany said...

You are gonna be such a great momma! Can't get over how gorgeous you two are...your little twinsies are gonna be PRESH!