Wednesday, December 26, 2012

22 Weeks Pregnant..

Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday!

I know Matt and I did. Matt's been busy with the nursery; painting, customizing the closet, "fixing holes in the walls?!"
All I'm going to say is, we keep the nursery door shut so Mama Bogdan doesn't have a panic attack over it all. 

Hormones kinda kicked my ass last week. I was just a little crazy town/ felt overwhelmed.

I told Matt, "this is the house of hormones!"

 I'm learning and reminding myself, I'm not super woman anymore and pregnant twin mommy needs her beauty sleep or else she gets a little evil.
 Or a lot evil.

Other than that, I'm still going strong! 

Feeling good at almost 23 weeks :-)

Guys, I'm so happy!

As you can see my belly keeps growing, along with my roots. 
(Since I'm avoiding bleaching my hair during my pregnancy). 

To my babies, 

Wow! Mommy is really starting to feel you move this week!

On Christmas day you two were having your own party in my belly. 
It has to be the oddest most incredible feeling. 

I'm still crying when I think about you two. I long to kiss your sweet foreheads and cheeks and watch Daddy hold and kiss you both. 

Daddy finally felt one of you kick the other night! 
I've been making Daddy feel my belly for weeks and finally one of you gave a big "hi-ya! karate kick" and Daddy felt it!  

I was so happy he got to experience what I've been feeling for a while now.

You both really seem to like Christmas cookies, which is terrible because Mommy's butt is going to get so big! I guess you'll have my sweet tooth, unlike Daddy. 
We've also been drinking lots of milk and eating lots of cheese.

I'm continuing to pray everynight for you two. We just love you two so much! Your all we talk and think about. 
Continue to grow and dance in my belly! 
It won't be long till you'll both be snuggled up in our arms! 



Faith said...


I've missed you.

Hahaha, poor Matt, he's living in the house of hormones, lol.

OMG, 23 weeks already?! When did this happen?!

I'm thrilled to hear that you are doing well. Ahhh, the babies will be here so soon :)

Antoinette said...

Wow you look absolutely amazing sweetie.

Whitney said...

Didn't you know, roots are in!? It's called Ombre! : ) You look beautiful and so happy! I love these little updates!

Kasey Lynne said...

GIRL, you look pretty even with the roots!! You are glowing!

So awesome that you AND Daddy have felt the babies kick. So awesome following your bump journey!

p.s. LOVE your makeup!