Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thursday Twin Thoughts..

Work has been so hard when all I think about is my two babies.
I sit at my computer and type and feel all sorts of weirdness going on in my belly. I know it’s my babies, agreeing that work is so boring and that we’re all so over it.
Matt’s going to start the nursery tomorrow. Exciting stuff, ya’ll! He’s going to start with customizing the closet.  
I already went through their room and donated so much stuff to the Goodwill. I still have so much more “junk” I want to get rid of. But I’m on roll with the organizing, go me!
I like a clean, clean house and knowing that two little binks are coming to live with us, means Mamas gotta get down to business.
We decided that the babies are going to share a nursery. All the twin books say they love being able to see each other, touch each other, talk to each other. And some even say they like to sleep in the same crib till they start to roll over. But most importantly all twin books say to prepare to be flexible and change your “original plan.”
I think that’s probably going to be the best advice we get. Because although we have “a plan” for binky and winky, I know it might not work out “exactly” how we picture it.
Like breastfeeding or their sleeping arrangements or my thoughts about maintaining my wifely duties. Who knows what will happen when I have TWO babies to care for. I’m sure we’ll probably be eating a lot of takeout, I’ll have big black bags under my eyes and won’t wash my hair for weeks (bc I already don’t wash it for days-ha! Thank you prenatal vitamins).
Needless to say, I know it will be so so worth it. These two have already stolen my heart. I talk to them every day, and try my hardest not to drop any f-bombs anymore.
When I see pictures of twins on FB or pinterest or wherever, I cry. They are too sweet. I can’t wait to meet binky and winky. I really can’t wait to see their little faces and kiss them and welcome them to this world!
I mean, seriously?!
How can you NOT cry when you look at these two?


Faith said...

Oh gosh, I'm about to start crying.

I'm so happy to hear from you. I thought you had disappeared from blog land forever.

I've missed you!

Brittany said...

I am SO happy you're having twins!! I can't imagine all the fun you're having reading up and preparing for your sweet babies. I love that twins want to be so close to each other...and even sleep in the same crib?! That's amazing and SO so so sweet.

Kati @ Obscured Flair- said...

I found your blog via Facebook, I don't know if you remember me (the girl from Maryland who lives in Maine with 10mos twin girls), but Jamie Bauer had some photos, and I commented, then you commented about the great photographer. I thought you had your twins already when I saw this. I loved, loved, loved being pregnant!! Good luck and I can't wait to see how everything goes! I have tonnnnns of advice too, that you wouldn't normally get from a singleton mom!