Tuesday, December 11, 2012

To my babies...

HI! I’m still alive and well. So so so well.
These two binkers, Oh.my.god, guys! They are growing so big and strong!
The doctor told me yesterday, “They are the same size as a single pregnancy at 20weeks.” Dr. Lim, my doctor, expects them to be 6-7lbs each!
I’m a proud Mama!
These two are moving and grooving and although I didn’t realize what exactly I was feeling at first I now know that it’s my precious babies moving all around in my belly.
Dr. Lim said yesterday, “Wow, so much kicking going on in there.”
To my babies,
Even Dr. Lim is excited to meet you! She said yesterday she doesn’t even know what gender you are and she finds twins so fascinating, just like Daddy and me!
Daddy and I learned Friday at the sonogram that there is chance you could be identical. Daddy thinks now you’re either two girls or two boys.
Mommy thinks you’re a boy and a girl.
To me you already seem different.
Baby A, my sweet Baby A, you are so low and I feel like you have less room to move and groove than your sister or brother.
I think are you going to be our sweet, laid back baby. I hope that means you’ll let me snuggle with you!
Baby B, you’re already our wild child. You made us laugh at the sonogram because you moved all around my belly and the sonographer was having a hard time measuring you.
You even moved down my belly to wake up your brother or sister to play!
Even as I type I have tears in my eyes thinking about you two! No words can even express how excited, happy, exhilarated I am that Daddy and I got blessed with TWO sweet babies!
We pray for you every night and we can’t wait to meet you!
Daddy picked up your cribs last night. Daddy said, “It’s starting to feel really real.” It was raining and Daddy dragged mud all in the house and tried to blame it on your puppy dog, Chase. I told him, No way! Daddy had mud on his shoes.
Daddy has been listening to you in my belly and talking to you. Usually in funny voices.
Mommy’s been listening to all sorts of music, in hopes you’ll like to dance as much as I do!
Keep growing big and strong!
Mommy loves you!
Since I haven't posted in a while...

18 Weeks Prego

20 Weeks Pregnant
Ravens M&T Bank Stadium for my work holiday party.

Promise to keep blogging! Miss everyone!


Whitney said...

We miss you too!! SO glad you posted! You look so beautiful, can't wait to hear about those little binkers! : )

Brittany said...

You look gorgeous!! As usual :). I'm glad that your sweet babies are so active and BIG...I know you are dying to meet them already! I can't wait to see if they end up being identical/boy,boy/girl,girl/boy,girl/etc....ahhh, so many possibilities! You two must be beyond excited!!!!

Kasey Lynne said...

Seriously girl? This was the sweetest thing. I love your letters to your two babies. Can't wait to find out what you're having!!!

Faith said...

i've missed you! and what happen to my work emails ... i'm bored over here!

you look amazing!!! pregnancy suits you!

TJOsMommy said...

I cannot wait til our session! You are one beautiful pregnant lady!!!! And i still dont get how you can stand not knowing what they are, LOL!!!!

(btw - i have a new blog address - http://alifefullofshmily.blogspot.com/ - who knew you could run out of picture space on a blog?! I guess after 5 years, i did! lol)