Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mission Impossible…

When Matt said we could FINALLY get a new kitchen table I nearly peed my pants in excitement!
It’s the little things in life people.
Our kitchen table was the table we used in our one-bedroom apartment.
I was waaay over it.
Ehhh, it was just too small for our eat-in kitchen.
My excitement wore thin after coming to the realization that finding a kitchen table ain’t no easy task.
Holy, 20 stores and three weeks later….
And long behold, we finally found a table!
My mom and I were shopping one day and wandered into a furniture store and there it was. All pretty and exactly what Matt and I had talked about….
Butterfly leaf, 61/2 feet long, seated 6, old fashion country-ish, the black and wood combo…
The only problem was I didn’t want to buy the table without Matt there with me so I had to wait till the following weekend to go up and order it and it was totally.worth.the.wait.
My girlfriend, Emily, randomly had a coupon to the store! The coupon was $50 off a purchase a purchase of $500 or more, half off shipping, and 0% financing for 1-year.
I think it was good karma, people. I totally gave a random woman at the Walmart a coupon for her febreze air freshener.
So 1 month later, the table FINALLY arrived at our house this weekend!!

I was all, “OMG It’s gorgeous!! I love it!!” ...The whole time the (surprisingly hott) delivery guys were carrying it in.
It could not be more perfect for us!
Also, I’ve decided to redo our kitchen “theme.”
All I’m saying is- Bye Bye Fat Chef, Hello Bird Madness!!
Don’t you worry your pretty little head, pictures to come ladies. Pictures to come!


Whitney@Keeping Up with the Cyperts said...

Love your new table! And I can't wait to see the bird themed kitchen!

Faith said...

Your new table is gorgeous!! I love it!! I haven't been decorating lately and I need to get back on it!

Brittany said...

What a gorgeous table! Our kitchen is "birdy" too :)