Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Weekend in Review:

We bought our very 1st lawn mower last week, guys!
I was so happy for Matt that I got teary-eyed in the house by myself when I looked out the window and saw him mowing our grass.
He’s so proud of our home and I’m so proud of him for doing so much to make our home perfect, that I guess crying just seemed like a natural reaction to seeing my husband mow the grass for the first time, no? Ha!
Matt played a show at Carson’s Creekside (a little restaurant/ bar on the water) Saturday and all our friends came out!
I had so much fun and when I went to pull out my camera, it was dead. Uhh.
The only photo evidence is from my girlfriend Ashley’s IPhone.
Guess after a few glasses of wine I deem this face attractive?
Note to self, never do that again.
Sunday Matt, my 61-year-old dad, my brother in-law and a couple of our guy friends came and dug holes for our fence!
Yes, Matt is putting up a fence this weekend!
No more walking Chase in the rain/snow/sleet/cold.
Woo hoo!
My mom and I were kind of hung-over, how terrible?
We just really enjoyed ourselves at Matt’s show Saturday night. My parents and my in-laws stayed till the end! Partiers up in here!
Dunkin Donuts coffee def. helped.
My mom and I shopped all day Sunday while “the men” dug holes in my backyard.
We hit up Goodwill, Ross and Home Goods.
Guys, Home Goods! OMG! I died and went to decorating heaven, up in that store.
We found a lot of good deals during our shopping trip.
And I got so much amazing stuff!
Pictures to come.
Hope everyone enjoyed their weekends!


Faith said...

i just found out that we have a Homes Good too! i went with a friend and OMG, why doesn't money grow on trees!

haha, so cute about your reaction to hubby mowing the lawn. when i saw hubby do it the first time i was just happy it was not me, haha.

and that face is attractive ... even when you make funny faces you are gorgeous. you are one of the lucky ones ;)

Whitney@Keeping Up with the Cyperts said...

I need to see if we have a Home Goods here! Sounds wonderful! Can't wait to see what you got!

Matt's show sounds like so much fun!

And I agree with Faith, that face is lovely on you pretty girl! : )