Thursday, April 26, 2012


Between work, traffic and getting home so late on weekday nights I sometimes feel like I’m losing my sanity.
It’s so easy to get into a funk, isn’t it?
It’s also easy to take my anger out on my poor husband and dog.
“Matt, why do you throw your clothes down the basement steps; it’s sooo annoying!”
“Chase, don’t you get up on my bed!!”
“Matt you aren’t cooking it right. Just let me do it!”
“Chase, can you not eat so sloppy? There are crumbs everywhere!”
I realize that this is a problem and I shouldn’t be taking my stress out on the two most important people/dog in my life.
Luckily it’s finally springtime and that means warmer weather and longer days!
And I think I’ve found the cure to my Moody-McMooderson moods….
Long walks with the dog after work.
Walking Chasey gives me time to unwind and relax.
After spending all day cooped up in an office the fresh air, sunshine and exercise is just what I need.
Ps. T-Minus 3 weeks before Matt and I go down the ocean for our 1-year wedding anniversary- hooray!! (10 days off work in a row, hells yeah!)
There will be LOTS of this going on when we're down the ocean....
Plenty of drinking and fedora wearing!!
Can't friggin wait!


Whitney@Keeping Up with the Cyperts said...

Ahhh going to the beach sounds AMAZING! I know exactly how you feel about work and all, I wish I had a doggy to walk to take some stress off! I tried to teach my cats to walk on a leash but they would never learn...I'm not kidding either! Those drinks look yummy!

laura said...

Yay for OC!!! Sounds like fun!

Brittany said...

Looks so fun! I love you bikini, pretty lady!! Oh have one of those drinks. Torture right now :)!