Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bogdan's Fence Company...

Matt and I spent our weekend building a fence.
Well...more Matt, but I helped!
I was the official post holder.
We both inhaled an abundance of cement dust.
Can't be good for the lungs.
But totally worth it, I guess... 
The fence is almost finished, more than halfway done!
I'm totally impressed with us.

I'm keeping this post short and sweet. 
 So...Happy Easter, All!!
 Keep in mind, we still have to put down grass seed. 
Our yard is 90% dirt right now.
The sweeping of dirt is endless in this house!
 It's going to be so nice to let Chasey run free back here!

Can I sidenote and say that I have the most amazing husband! 
He makes me so proud and is so impressive!
Love you, Matty!

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Faith said...

He makes me proud and I am so impressed, haha and he is not my husband! I should have fallen in love with a handy man, haha.