Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend in Review:

This weekend was super jammed packed for us Bogdan’s.
It started Friday after work with me heading to the Home Depot to get more bushes for our garden that Matt built!
I got three azalea bushes (2 red and a pink) two evergreen bushes, a holly bush and a rhododendron bush.
The bushes are still babies but I’m hoping I planted them correctly so they grow big and….bushy?!
After planting our bushes, Friday after work, Matt had a show at a local bar on the water by our house.
A lot of our friend’s came out which made it super fun!
Things only got awkward when all of our friends left the bar to head home (around 1:30am) and I was awkwardly left sitting alone on a bar stool in front of the band.
Things proceeded to get more awkward when a *WT bar rat decided to not just dance in front of the band, but to dance on my husband (like from behind) and to not only dry hump his ass but also rub her grimy hands all over his chest as he was singing and playing the guitar. (Making it hard for him to push her away).  
Really, girlfriend? Really?
The band said they were all waiting for me to get up and let her have it.
I’m too old (26) to care about that stuff anymore (I’ve dealt with it for what, 7 years?) but seriously ladies, respect the wedding band. It’s so classless to touch someone else’s husband.
So anyway, I was a good little wifey and let it slide and just kept to myself and helped the band quickly pack up after that incident because all I wanted to do was get home.
We got home around 3:00-3:30 and put in a good 3 ½- 4 hours of sleep Friday night. Saturday we Matt had to get up to lay our grass seed (I walked Chasey) and then at 12:00 we had to be at our friend’s Ryan and Sarah’s wedding.
The wedding was very beautiful and the reception was held at this old mansion, which I just dyed over.
Matt and I were so dead tried but that didn’t stop us from drinking some Champagne and beers and dancing the day away with everyone!
We got home around 6:00 and I was in bed by 7:30. Knocked out.  
Sunday I woke up early to go with my bestie, Emily, to get her bridesmaid’s dresses!
Remember, I’m the matron of honor in her wedding in October.
We got the cutest dresses! I love the color and I love the style! I’m actually excited about wearing my dress.
Sunday when I got home from dress shopping the hubs had got crab meat and wanted me to make my crab cakes for him.
We enjoyed a totally yummy crab cake dinner; it was the perfect ending to our weekend!

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Whitney@Keeping Up with the Cyperts said...

Oh hell no! You had more self control than I would have with that skankapotamas dancing on your husband! I agree, it is so classless to flirt with someone else's hubby! On a different note....that mansion is GORGEOUS! I wish it were mine. I bet the wedding was beautiful. I'm proud of your gardening skills, and jealous. I can honestly say I have never planted a thing! How awful is that?