Saturday, December 24, 2011

Baking with the Webster Family!

Thursday both my sister and I had off work (praise the lord!) so we decided to bake our little butts off. 

Travis, my nephew, had told my sister "I make cookies and pretzels at Mandy's house, Mommy"

(Pretzels because he had helped me make chocolate covered pretzels on Thanksgiving- aww melts my heart that he remembers that!)
I didn't object. I love having my little binker nephew over and LOVE that he likes spending time over my house!

My sister and I went a little overboard with the cookie making. (We made about six different kinds) And tell me why we were sooo over it, after the fist batch was done- ha! 

We are not bakers, or cookers....I guess we get it from our Mama who really doesn't like cooking/baking either. 

But we stuck it out and made all the cookies. It was an ALL day event. Travis was alseep on the couch by the end of it.

Lets be honest, Travis just liked decorating/eating the sugar cookies!
 You HAVE to have a major sweet tooth to eat these bad boys!
 I don't know when I deemed this awkward bun on top of my head appropriate. I feel like this is what happens when making cookies with a 2 1/2- year-old. Be prepared, hubs, for many awkward hairdo's when I'm a Mommy.
Baking with Travis and my sister was so fun! It def. is a new tradition!! Love having them four doors down from me! :-)

During our "lunch break" from baking my sister and I made Travis go outback and let us take pictures of him!

Tell me why, it was 60 degrees in Baltimore Thursday- on the first day of winter! In the words of Travis, "What the??" 
My sister, "Trav, put your hand on your hips" Awww. 
 Travis, "Wook Wook, Wook at dis wock I found"
 Travis, "Wook, I'm gonna fro dis wock"
It's been GREAT having off work these last couple of days!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!!


Faith said...

your nephew is so adorable! you took some great photos of him! i think you are def. getting the hang of your new camera! :)

i love to cook but baking is so not my thing ... i always want it to be during the Holidays.

have an incredible Christmas with your family! :)

Claire said...

Great post! I love the cookies look great and I love me that little Trav!

Claire said...
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Brittany said...

Travis is such a little cutie!! Or should I say a wittle cootie? ;)