Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Camera!

I’ve wanted a really nice professional digital camera for a while now.
In high school and college I was really into film photography. (Digital photography was just emerging).
At first, I think I used photography as my escape.
I was in a not-so-healthy relationship with someone who was not right for me, at all.
His negativity and insecure attitude really brought down my spirit. I felt so alone and lost. But through photography I was still able keep my creativity; I felt like that was one thing he couldn’t take from me.
I loved being quietly and peacefully in the darkroom developing my film and witnessing my own unique images coming to life.
It was such an awesome feeling and in those moments I felt like I had a handle on my life that was spinning out of control.
After my first semester of college, I was free of all who made me feel inferior and walked into the arms of the most wonderfully beautiful man, my Matt.
It was then that photography was something Matt and I did together. Matt did it all; photography, painting, writing music, guitar, keyboard- the hubs is just a brilliant guy all around.
After community college, I stop taking photography classes. I was focused on getting my degree in Public Relations and photography was set aside.
Now a days, everything is digital. There is no need to go into my beloved darkroom. So my old Canon Rebel was just not cuttin-it.
I’ve been telling Matt, for years now, that I wanted to fork out the money and treat ourselves to a really nice digital camera. (Matt took digital photography classes in college, so he’s wanted to get a nice camera too).
I’ve so badly wanted to get back into photography; I’ve really missed it and missed being creative!
So black Friday I told Matt, let’s do it!
So we got us, the Canon EOS Rebel T3.
And I’m loving it! We’ve been having so much fun taking photos around the house and of our Chase.
 My adorable nephew, Travis!
Our new home, decorated for the Holidays!


Matthew Bogdan said...

Do you ever think that Chasey looks like a gremlin? Or maybe a mogwai...good thing we never feed him after midnight!

Brittany said...

Hi there! Love your beautiful home! My husband just gave me the same camera and I'm beside myself excited but a bit lost tryingto figure it out! Do you feel the same? Anyway, I'm your newest follower and would be so grateful if you'd stop by ours too :)

Boss said...

Nice shots. I use to do the same only at sports events. I had a SLR called a Fijca use use all the settings. Got some nice shots one night at a hockey game using high speed black and white without the flash. One shot I got blown up to a 8 X 10 but it got lost in the shuffle of life.

laura said...

Still love the shot of baby Travis. Chase is a cute "bad" boy.

Mandy Bogdan said...

Thanks guys! I'm loving the new camera! It takes the most amazing pictures. Seriously. Worth every penny. ;-)

Brittany- Hi! Thanks so much for being my newest follower! Looks like we have a lot in common! :-)

Faith said...

so awesome! i can't wait to have a real camera! probably won't indulge until we get preggo ... because then that would be a good enough excuse for hubby, haha.

your dog is adorable!

Mandy Bogdan said...

Faith- We think exactly alike. That's what I told Matt. "We need it for when we decide to have a baby" ;-) Def. invest when your prego. Totally worth being my only christmas gift this year.

Thanks! He's a nut!! lol