Monday, December 12, 2011

The best thing about living four houses down from your sister…

You’re nephew might take his first “poopy in da potty” at your house.
I mean, it doesn’t get any better than that.

(Well the “poopy in da potty” song and dance that came after was really awesome too).

Seriously though, living four houses down from my sister, nephew and brother in-law pretty much the coolest thing since moving two blocks away from them three years ago.

But being four houses down means, your 2 1/2 year-old nephew will call you on the phone to tell you, “Hi Mandy. I come down and play with you, Uncle Matt and Chasey.”
(Travs newest thing is playing doggie with Chasey. Trav acts like his dog, Jake, and has to get both the dog beds- haha

Of course! Are you kidding me? This child melts my heart times a million.  

Our weekends have been spent fixing up the house and hanging out with all our amazing neighbors.

This neighborhood is a dream. There is never a dull moment. Something always is going on. Which is great for someone like me, who hates being bored and stuck in the house alone.
(Just some randomness that has been happening around the house)

Sidenote: Our one neighbor had a “cash for gold party” Friday night. Have you heard of this?
Girl, you bring all your old gold jewelry and they will appraise it and give you cash. One lady at the party got $2,600! Can you believe that? I got $68 and thought I had hit the jack-pot.

The weekends have been flying by since we’re so busy. But the house is slowly coming along.
I promise to post some pics!

Matt even redid my whole walk-in closet. It’s a girls dream!


Brittany said...

Your nephew is adorable! That story is too funny.

Faith said...

that sounds like the best party ever! go to a party and leave with money! awesome! and that lady probably felt like she hit the jackpot ... right in time for Christmas!

i wish my nephew lived 4 houses down from me ... would be so awesome!

have a great week :)

Mandy Bogdan said...

Thanks Brittany!

Faith- the girl that had the party made $1,400- for just having the party. Isn't that crazy?! I got to have me a "cash for gold" party- lol
It's a real treat living so close to him. He's to die for :-)

laura said...

And we LOVE living 4 doors down from YOU!!!

TJOsMommy said...

How do I get to one of these cash for gold parties?!

Christine said...

Girlie! I have the same shower curtain! And my nieces do the same thing to Maci's are so funny!

Mandy Bogdan said...

Christine- we just both have amazing decorating skills! lol Aww Kids are so cute! We must have some soon! ;-)

Kristin- Regarding the Cash for Gold party, We have to get Laurie to have one and invite us!