Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Weekend in Review:

This weekend was actually kind of relaxing.
Friday I spent the evening with my sister, my nephew, my sister’s best friend and her son.
It was a total Essex/Dundalk night.
We ate dinner at Baltimore’s famous Pizza John’s, where we enjoyed some greasy-good pizza and an abundance of soda.
My sister’s best friend, Traci, somehow managed to accidentally steal a whole pitcher of soda and four cups. And then on top of that, she got her original order of an apple juice and medium soda. And my sister and I already had our two drinks. We were really giggly about it and then had to pee a lot during the night because of all the soda consumption.
After dinner, we took my nephew, Travis, and Traci’s son, Brennan, to the train garden at the local fire station.
 Brennan and Travis in pure amazement!!
Yes, those are the golden eggs AKA the Poop Factory. I don't know why or who made those but made me laugh outloud. Only in Dundalk...

It was really crowded but def. worth the wait since the boys were all about the trains. The train set-up was awesome! I can’t even imagine how long it took them to set all of those trains and the villages/towns up.
Saturday Matt and I worked on the house some, did some last minute Christmas shopping and spent some quality time together.
Even though money is tight, we treated ourselves to Panera Bread for lunch. You know your newlyweds/ new homeowners when Panera Bread is a real “treat.”
But I ain’t gonna lie, I love me some Panera Bread so I was happy to go with the hubs and spend the day with him! We’ve been so busy with the house that we haven’t spent a lot of time together. It was def. nice to eat, shop and laugh together!
It was as nice weekend and went way too fast, like they always do.
Here are some photos I took with my new camera of my nephew, Travis, Friday night!
My sister and her best friend- I don't know why my sister is laughing so hard, but I love it!
PS. I am so excited and ready for all the Christmas festivities to begin!
Did I mention, Santa came to visit our neighborhood last week on the fire truck?! I look forward to seeing him every year!
Sorry about the not so great pictures, I'm still learning how to use this new fancy camera. Any tips?
Pss. T-Minus (after today) 1 more day of work! Yay! Then 5 days of baking, cleaning, celebrating, drinking, laughing and gift exchanging!


laura said...

Love the pictures of Travis!

Brittany said...

Travis is such a little cutie!! Love the picture of your sister and her friend cheesin' in front of the tree....they look so happy. I totally feel you on the new camera thing and wish I had some tips! I got a new one too and am so lost! Are you thinking about taking classes to learn how to use yours? Zach suggested I do that but I'm kind of ADD when it comes to sitting in a class :/. Hopefully practice will make perfect (or at least not sucky in my case)!

Mandy Bogdan said...

Thanks Brittany! My nephew melts my heart! He's so dear!
And yes! I was telling Matt I was thinking about taking a digital photography class up at the local community college! I want to learn how to use Photoshop. I think a non-credited photo class will be easier to pay attention too, no test?! lol
And you take AMAZING pictures!! I LOVE all your pictures on your blog! I just love your blog! :-)

Faith said...

i think your pictures are great! i think you are doing well ... it is a new camera so i am sure it is a time thing ... but i don't have a fancy camera so i won't be any help.

looks like such a fun time! i would love to do something like that ... i am sure the boys had such a great time!

Panera Bread is amazing ... even when money isn't tight!

have a fabulous Christmas ... can't wait to read all about it!

Mandy Bogdan said...

Thanks Faith! :-) I'm sloowly getting there with the camera. I feel like the camera does most of the great work itself! lol
And Thank you!! Hope you have an amazing Christmas too!! :-)