Monday, December 5, 2011

Work Holiday Party

Saturday, Matt and I spent all day doing stuff around the new house.
Hanging pictures, finishing the hardwood, organizing the linen closet, setting up the office and doing LOTS of laundry.
We also ran a lot of errands in the morning. (I, of course, HAD to buy more Christmas decorations; I really need to stop and wait till everything goes on sale after Christmas).
 It was really nice to actually hang out with the hubs.
 (Even though we technically “see each” every day, we’ve been spending all our time fixing up the house. Me on the 3rd floor, husband on the 1st. The extra space is nice, but I guess takes some getting used to. We are use to be being all-up-in each-others-business in a small one-bedroom apartment).
Saturday night we had my work holiday party at the Ravens M&T Bank Stadium.
I know, seriously awesome.
My sister’s holiday party is at a buffet.
I’m one lucky gal getting to go to Ravens stadium and party it up Ray Lewis style. Just kidding; I don’t know how Ray parties, but I’m assuming he goes all out like I did Saturday.
And boy-oh-boy did I drink my weight in wine.
Why, why do I always torture myself at special events so that I absolutely hate myself the next day?
Damn it, Bogdan.
I think it’s safe to say that I had myself a grand-oh-time. And don’t worry; Matt said I did not make an ass of myself. (Thank goodness).
Umm did I mention what they had at the event?
A photo booth.
Yeah, a flippin photo booth.
Do you know how much fun photo booths with props are?
If you can't tell...
It’s an insane amount of fun. We really enjoyed ourselves.
Also, can you believe that I almost landed this prop hat perfectly onto my head? Seriously, I have some skills.
Sidenote: I recycled this dress from 2007. This sparkly number really went over well with everyone. I kept getting so many compliments.
Oh and on our way home we pulled up to the toll booth and caught the worker guy doing this....

You know, just having himself a little nap. 


Susanne said...

I totally don't even remember you wearing that dress, geez.... I know, aren't we lucky for such a party? Dan's work party is during the week, and you can't bring significant others.

laura said... party is at an all you can eat Toyko Seafood buffet and I had to pay $12 to go. LOL!!! You are so lucky looks like a great time.

Mandy Bogdan said...

Susanne- we really are so lucky to have such a fun party! I had a little too much fun- Ha!

Laur- lol At lest Marilee and Cathy will be there! Ps. I love that Chase said he would have to buy Chase a gift for Xmas bc he's a bad boy! Lmao!!

Matthew Bogdan said...

I think that guy at the toll booth was actually a lady...just for the record lol We totally sat there for a whole minute. And the only reason she woke up was because of the flash of the camera. I think she thought we just pulled up when she woke up...she had no idea! lol

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