Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Welcome to the 21st Century Bogdans.

Would you believe me if I told you that Matt and I never had cable in our apartment, for serious.  
For three years of my life I did not watch Jersey Shore, any of the Real Housewives, Teen Mom, or any other shows y’all watch that I know nothing about.
So when we moved into our new home I told Matt, “I think it’s time.”
We seriously debated it.
Should we or shouldn’t we.
We ended up agreeing it was time to introduce ourselves to the 21st century.
Woo hoo!
Matt says I now ignore him while I’m watching T.V.
So not true.
I can’t help it. I’ve been out of the loop for entirely too long and it feels so good to be part of the lazy T.V. watching crowd.
Let’s be honest though.
I’ve only had cable for about two weeks and I already feel like I’m caught up and watching reruns. How odd is that?
What are some good shows that I’m missing?
I already know that I love/hate American Horror Story.
Ahhh! We watched episode 1 last night and I couldn’t even make lunches downstairs by myself or walk the dog. (Are you kidding me, walk the dog in the dark by woods- no way!)  
I was afraid. I even ate my ice cream in bed. I couldn’t even bear the thought of eating it downstairs close to windows, by myself. Ekkk!
I think I’m going to tell Matt I’m ready to watch episode 2 tonight.
I must find out what’s happening in this crazy house. The show is seriously messed up and I oddly enjoy it.  
Why do I love to torture myself with scary shows?


Faith said...

oh girl, you are so much better than me! i see the commercial for that show and i flip the channel ... yeah, i'm that afraid of scary shows/movies, haha.

i just started Drop Dead Diva and i absolutely love it! welcome to the 21st century ... there is just so much addictive shows out there ... most of them trashy but i find those happen to be the most enjoyable ones, haha.

laura said...

Anything on Bravo or E! Those are the only two stations that I watch. And the Oxgyen network if you have that channel. Now you just need to get smart phones and you will be ready for 2012. HAHA!

Mandy Bogdan said...

Faith- Bahaha! OMG! I have a love-hate relationship with scary stuff. I like it at first, then I regret watching it bc I’m scared $hitless after. Lol
Drop Dead Diva- I’ve heard good things about that show. I will have to check that out! Lifetime?
Laur- Totally with you! Those are the good channels! And try and convince Matt to let us get smart phones! OMG! I couldn’t even imagine the possibilities!! lol

Brittany said...

I'm with Laura! Obsessed with all things Housewives. I love Toddlers and Tiaras on TLC too...it cracks me up. Awesome that y'all have cable now and you can be lazy like the rest of us! ;)