Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Baby Fever

Lately I’ve totally had baby fever.
It’s to the point where all I think about and see are baby related things.
Some of my girlfriends are starting to have babies and lately Matt and I have been having “baby talks.”
Me, “Can we now?!?!”
Matt, “Mandy, not yet.”
Me, “Pleeese” (lower-lip pushed out)
Matt, “If you wait, it will be worth it and you can stay home if you decide too.”
Me- point well taken my brother, point well taken.
But this, of course, hasn’t stopped me from visiting baby websites and learning about all things baby.
I’ve started the whole- “I think I’m going to start to prepare my body for a baby” process.
I read about what you should do to “prepare” yourself on this baby website.
You can also figure out when your ovulating- how gnarly? (Is it odd that I just used the word gnarly to describe the ovulation process? Hmmm, oh well).
Anyway, I‘ve basically learned that I need to cut back on my caffeine intake, Girrrrl- I got me a Diet Coke problem.
This pretty-much sounds like the worst idea ever for me, it’s like I’m some sort of soda drug addict. I really haven’t even tried yet because the headaches I’m going to endure, oy vy!
I also started to take prenatal vitamins and, let me tell you, my hair looks awesome!
Other than that I’m just keeping up with my weekly exercise routine (4-5 days at the gym- I’m lucky bc I can go to the gym at lunchtime at work).
Last Friday I went to visit my girlfriend, Brittany, who just had her second baby. (She’s got two sweet little babies at 25- go girl!)
While I was at Brittany’s house helping her, I was all, “Look at me! This is what it would be like if I had two babies.”
Brittany, “Yeaaah”
I think it’s a lot easier to pretend. Haha!
Brittany’s babies are so beautiful and sweet. They literally melt my heart.
While I was over there I even attempted to take some photos of them… “attempted” being the key word here….I'm still learning how to use my new camera. I told Brittany I would have to come back over to get more practice!
Carter and Baby Victoria Grace


Faith said...

giiirlll ... i hear you!

i have been thinking about babies lately ... but keep it a secret ;)

and great pictures! i think you are getting the hang of your new camera!

laura said...

Awww she looks like Carter. We will have to all get together this spring for walks.

Brittany said...

They are so cute! And I hear you on the baby fever stuff...I'm settling for a puppy but I still haven't even gotten one of those!