Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hippo Pit...

I’ve decided to appropriately title this blog post “Hippo Pit” because as I type this post I am sitting in my living room that smells exactly like the hippopotamus pit at the zoo.

“What the hell?” You might be thinking. All I can say to you is, “My thoughts exactly, sista. My thoughts exactly.” 

Well, let’s start from the beginning.

This weekend was a jammed packed wedding show, wedding dress, serving my matron of honor to-be duties kind of weekend. 

Did I mention yet that my BF, Emily, got engaged three days before Christmas and she’s getting married October 20th! 

I’m over the flippin moon excited!

And she asked me to be the matron of honor, hooray!

So this weekend I did what any BF would do and dedicated my weekend to her. 

Saturday we ate our way through a bridal show, where we saw many different vendors and had a great girly time. (All this wedding stuff kind of makes me want to get married again- kind of). 
 Me and the bride to be! This was probably the best nights of our lives. Friday Happy Hour on Chris' House Boat. Love summer nights like these.

After the bridal show we met “the boys” down at Chris’ house boat. 

(“The Boys”- the husbands and our childhood guy friends). 

It was 60 degrees this weekend, in Baltimore, in January. WTF?! But hey, I ain’t complaining. 

“The boys” we supposed to be helping Chris fix his boat so he could move it into a different slip.

When we arrived they were fishing, drinking beer, and playing videogames. 
The Hubs with his fishing pole.
 Chris' dog, "Da Buffet"
Chris, friggin "BayBillie"

I was just happy it felt like summertime out. 

Saturday night, the hubs and I went to the mall and spent his VANS gift card. And I got me the cutest Indian/Snow Bunny hat there ever was. Matt was all, “really?”- Oh hell yes, son! (First snow of Baltimore- I will post pics of this hat). 

After the mall we headed to a local restaurant and ate us some huge burgers and Old Bay chips.
Those of you not from Baltimore don’t know a damn thing about Old Bay. I am sorry. It is the best seasoning ever! 
Old bay is what us “Baldmore” folks put ALL over our steamed crabs (and fries, baked potatoes, veggies and about anything else you can think of).

Sunday (today) we went shopping for Emily’s wedding dress. 

And after trying on many dresses, cat-fighting with the wedding dress consultant about slips and tears, we found “the” dress. 

It's totally gorgeous and I'm so happy for Emily!

And than, it happened. 

I came home to this...
 Picture found:

Well...not literally but it smells like how this picture looks. 

Major gag.

Me, "Matt, what in gods name is that smell!"

My poor, poor husband. 

The kitchen sink got backed up and after Drain-O and the "snake" didn't work, he had to go down into the basement and start to cut pipes.

And in these pipes there was some really freaky shit. 

Not only was there food, there was hair. Lots and lots of hair tangled in this freakishly old food. 

I could die. 

As I type he is still "cleaning" the basement and trying his very hardest to get rid of that awful, AWFUL smell.
Thank god for Yankee candles and febreze.


Brittany said...

Oh goodness! Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend minus the hippo smell...I'm sorry! Your hubby is winner for gettin' it fixed up. Congrats on being matron of planning is so fun!

Faith said...

what a fun weekend! i remember that dress shopping was the most fun for me, haha. congrats to your best friend and for you for snagging that honor of a title :)

it was in the 50s in NY ... sooo crazy. where's the snow? i have a freaky hat to wear too, hahaha.

that seasoning sounds like my type of thing and poor, poor husband. hope everything turns out fine but man, i am sure it sucks to be him right now.

seriously though, thank God for Yankee candles.

Susanne said...

What a fun weekend! Don't you kind of wish Pinttrest was around when we were wedding planning? Can you believe less that 6 months until our anniversaries?? Holy hippo pit - is your hair anything like mine in the fact I swear it is everywhere in the house?!?!

Mandy Bogdan said...

I feel like the Hippo incident will def. be something we laugh at a few years from now. What the hell. lol This poor house. Thank god the hubs is so amazing at knowing how to fix things (randomly).

@Britt- lol What a way to end the weekend.I'm so honored to be her matron of honor, weddings are so FUN!!

@Faith- What the? This weather is just crazy! I'm with you girl, I purchased all the hats, gloves, scarfs and sweaters. I'm soo ready to wear them! Love the cute winter clothes! And I think I should write to yankee and tell them how amazing their candles are! lol

@Susanne- OMG! I wish pinterest was around. All the new brides get to steal so many cute ideas! So jealous! And my hair is everywhere- that's why we have drains in our tubs. I don't know what the old owners did in here?! lol i think they were washing hair in the kitchen- WTH!! lol

laura said...

If you need to eat dinner at my house this week just let me know. HAHA!! Gag!