Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lazy Days and New Year's Eve!

I’ve been so spoiled. (Having off work for five days in row can do that to you).
Now it’s back to reality and it sucks….
My days off were spent sleeping in till 10:00 every morning, it was Heav-en.
I would wake up every morning to a completely quiet house. What? No snoring husband or dog all-up-in-my-business?
Nope, the hubs is a waaay better person than me and would be out running with Chase every morning. Like an hour run.  
Me, no way; sounded terrible. I would rather eat a cookie in bed.
But the husband was up every morning butt crack of dawn; running, doing laundry, making breakfast and more.  He’s a freakishly good husband.
I enjoyed my laying around time. Thus, the lack of blogging.
Matt and I enjoyed our time off and I cleaned that little house of ours so good that you could literally eat off of my hardwood floors if you wanted too. (But let’s be real, it ain’t that clean).
During our time off Matt and I celebrated our 7-year dating anniversary.
(7-years, so crazy to me!)  
We didn’t do much to celebrate (with money being tight and all) so we just went to a local Italian restaurant with our close friends.
It was perfect.
We brought in the new year with our neighborhood friends and went to party at our neighbor’s house.
Now, those of you new to my blog might not know about our little town. In Baltimore, Essex (where we live) gets a bad hillbilly, white trash, reputation.
I discuss the quirky events that have happened so far living in this town here and here.
So in Essex fashion, we had ourselves a good ol’ time! (Just wanted to forewarn you for when you noticed men in Hawaiian shirts and baby pools filled with beer. This is just average behavior for us Essex folk).
I absolutely love our neighborhood and neighbors; we have entirely too much fun.
                                                                   All the neighborhood girls!
                                                              12:00 Dance Party y'all!
                            I know my girlfriend Jess just loooved when her husband did this ;-)
And we all know I loooved when my husband did this to the neighbors blow-up...these guys. lol


Faith said...

omg, looks like SO MUCH FUN! i love that you had a dance party! haha.

and 7 years?! that is so awesome! ours is going to be 5 years in a little over a month and i still can't believe that, haha.

and i am so jealous of your 5 days off ... i would have been doing the same thing ... but wow, your hubby has some type of motivation!

Faith said...

p.s. love the outfit! you are smoking!

Mandy Bogdan said...

Girl, I wil dance anywhere and anytime! hahah!
Wow 5 years! You're not too far behind us! Hasn't it just flew by?
5 days off was A-MAZ-ING! But made it reaaally hard to go back.
And thanks, Doll!!
Would you believe me if I told you that dress was $13.00 at Forever 21! Love it!

Christine said...

Going to work after the long time off on Tuesday was dreadful! The NYE party looked like loads of fun....Are you riding the donkey in that one pic? And I always knew I liked Snoopy...anyone who drinks Natty Light is okay in my book.

Brittany said...

You look absolutely gorgeous!! Blue is so your color! Looks like you guys had a blast :)

laura said...

If you look closely at the one picture when everyone is dancing, Chris is comforting poor Travis. Rememeber how he kept saying New Years was "scary?" haha!!! I hope Jeanette makes the New Years party a tradition. It was so much fun.

Mandy Bogdan said...

@ Christine- LMAO! You know I might have ridden a little donkey that night. bahaha. You know how a couple glasses of wine really loosen you up! And girl, you know it. Represent Baldmore, hon!

@Brittany- Thanks girly! I love royal blue! Such a beautiful winter color!

@Laura- Travis def. thought we all had lost our damn minds. He was ready for “nappy and to watch tar-toons in your bed”