Friday, January 13, 2012

Cocktails are in order...

This week I have been in a major funk.
Work has been super annoying and the fact that I never get home from work earlier then 6:00p.m. (thanks Baltimore traffic) makes life Monday-Friday super depressing.
 I think the fact that it’s pitch black outside on my way to work and pitch black when I get out, makes it even harder.
You know it’s bad when coworkers start to ask you, “What’s wrong?” “Do you need to talk?”
Haha. “Nope, just ready for Friday”
And let me tell you, Friday you couldn’t have came sooner.
I am in love with you, Friday!
I’m beyond excited to get the hells up on outta here and treat myself to nice tasty cocktail tonight.
The hubs band is playing at a local bar, about two blocks away from our house and Girl, I’m going to dance my a$$ off tonight.
I can only pray the night looks something like this…
Really? No one else does this in front of a fan, weird.

Why do we look super stiff dancing? Classic.
You know, just showing a best friend some love…Why not have a double chin about it?
Needless to say, I’m in major need of some fun tonight/ this weekend!


Faith said...

hahaha, love the pictures! you are too funny and look like loads of fun!

i love your stockings with the two of you dancing! so cute!

have a fabulous weekend ... def. sounds like you deserve it and a drink or ten.

Brittany said...

You are so funny! Hope you enjoy your drink(s) tonight!

Mandy Bogdan said...

Hahaah! Thanks, Dolls!! I will def. be sure to drink a few yummy cocktails and get my drank on tonight!! :-)

laura said...

Drink one for me!!! And dont get the cheap vodka there....major headache!