Monday, January 23, 2012

The Conrad Wedding...

Saturday we woke up to snow and ice in Baltimore.
Us “Baldmore” folks have been spoiled, Saturday was our first snowfall of the winter. And, of course, it was my dear friend Jackie’s wedding day.
Luckily the snow/ice mix stopped mid-morning so we were able to get to the 2:00 wedding. (It was only about an inch of snow, but the ground was covered with a thin layer of ice. Walking Chase Saturday was interesting to say the least. Thank god, for my Walmart snow boots).  
We rode to the wedding with our neighbors Jess and Dan. (Jess is a high school girlfriend who lives across the street from us, how lucky am I?)
Dan drove Jess’ SUV because the roads were still slick and he had already removed the snow off the car earlier in the day.
And then it happened, something so typical that would happen to us…
As we were driving on the highway a state trooper pulls up behind us…
And then, yup, the snow/ice that was still on the roof of the car flies off and hits the state trooper’s windshield.
Son of a…
And we get pulled over.
Jess screams out, “Sir, I’m in labor!”
Even though she is only 20 weeks pregnant and has the smallest belly.
No such luck.
 The state trooper insists that we probably cracked his windshield with the ice that flew off of our car.
And we are pulled over for about 15 minutes, until the state trooper comes back to inform us that he is only giving us a warning…
For the love of god, the wedding starts in 2 minutes!!
We finally pull up to the church with the ice covered parking lot and sidewalk, with pregnant Jess and have to very quickly and carefully race to the church before the wedding ceremony starts.
We arrive to the church as the mother of the bride is being escorted down the aisle and the whole wedding party, including the bride, is lined up in the corner.
I’m almost positive us four are in the background of the pictures awkwardly trying to hurry in and find a seat.
 At least we made it for the wedding.
It was beautiful service and the bride looked totally gorg.
The reception was so amazing and started with cocktail hour.
The food was unbelievable. They had everything from mini cheeseburgers to a mashed potatoes bar! (Topping included- sour cream, bacon, salsa, jalapenos, cheese, gravy, you name it- it was there)
They also had a sweets table and a candy bar. Those candies were a real treat after the wedding when we were all feeling good and wanted to stuff our faces with gummy bears and sour patch kids!
We drank plenty of wine and danced our little booty’s off.
I was totally disappointed in myself because I had my good “professional” camera all charged and ready to go and I forgot it. :-/ But I tried to get some good pictures.
Overall, an excellent wedding with a lot of amazing friends!
 The Conrads!
 Beautiful Table Settings
 Dessert Bar. This was entirely too close to our table. Me and my sweet tooth didn't do well with this...
 All us girls with the bride, we love you Jack!
 The hubs and I. Total Matching Perfection. That's how I roll. Wait till we have a baby, matching madness up in the Bogdan household!
                                        Jess and Dan- Two bellies, one baby- Hahah! Love them!
                                                                Can I just have this chair?
                                                                             His Cake...
                                                             Her cake....I love them both!
What a beautiful, perfect wedding!!



laura said...

Tell jackie I said she looked gorgeous!

Brittany said...

What a beautiful wedding! Love that you and the hubs looked gorgeous as usual!

Faith said...

what a beautiful wedding! love the cake!

and i love that you and hubby match ... i try to convince Sean to do it and no such luck. we never look like we are together at weddings, haha :)