Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Randomness in the Bogdan Household...

I'm excited for my Matty. 

His band finally finished their cd!

If you didn't know already, Matt is in a band. He's the lead singer and rhythm guitarist. His band plays about four shows a month, since the guys in the band are getting older they don't play as much anymore. When they do play it's usually cover shows so that they can earn more money and attract a bigger crowd. 

They have been working on a second cd for the last two years. 
And it's finally here! 
I'm happy for Matt, I know he's very proud and I'm glad he has songs recorded so he can always listen back and remember. 
I might be bias but the cd actually sounds really good, guys. 

And maybe I also think this because majority of the songs are written about myself and Matt and our life, but I swear the cd is really good!

I love the sound of Matt's voice and love that I can jam out to his music at work now! 
I don't know if they are putting any of their music on Itunes or if it's just for friends and family.
But fo realz, the old cd does not even come close to the quality of this cd. 
Is it because no one buys cds anymore? 
I will have to chat to Matt about it. 

In other news.

Chase followed me all around the house yesterday squeaking this baked potato in my ear...
 Obsessed, I tell you. Absolutely obsessed with getting attention from me. 

Lord help me when I have a "real" baby.

In more randomness....
My mom gave me a picture of her parents (my Pop-Pop and Cunnie (Grandma)) years ago when Matt and I lived in our apartment.
 I finally got around to framing and hanging it. 
I just love this picture of them. 
I put this picture at the top of the stairs. 
I think it fits perfect there. 
So glad my mom gave it to me. 

Hope everyone is enjoying their week! 
Come on Friday!


laura said...

I am glad chase enjoys the baked potatoe. HAHA!! Love the picture and congrats to Matt on the CD

Whitney@Keeping Up with the Cyperts said...

A stuffed baked potato! That's cute!

I love the picture of your grandparents, so vintage and cute!

Congrats to Matt for finishing their cd! Exciting!

Faith said...

hehe, baked potato! i have to start giving Izy some foods like these, haha.

and how exciting for Matt! woohoo! way to go!

Faith said...

p.s. Friday couldn't get here fast enough!

Brittany said...

Yay for your hubby! How cool is that?!

Loooove the picture of your grandparents...such a treasure!