Tuesday, June 26, 2012

China Cabinet

Hi y'all. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekends! Matt and I did a lot this weekend (nothing new there) but we also attempted a new project together----restoring furniture--- and I must say, we ain’t too shabby at it.
I’ve wanted a china cabinet for a while now but just haven’t wanted to spend the money on one or found one that’s “hip” enough for me.
I wanted something unique because I have to put the china cabinet in-between the living room and dining room of our small townhouse.
To trigger my need, my mom called last week stating that she was getting rid of her old china. (They are moving- Yay for them!!) Knowing my mother entirely too well, I knew this meant I had limited time to come and collect my prize. (Momma don’t play when it comes to cleaning and ridding her house of junk).
So Saturday Matt and I hit up a few local flea markets with no luck at all, so we decided to check out the local Goodwill---and long behold a small enough china cabinet to my liking.
What made me like this china cabinet even more, its price----$55!
We had plans for this china cabinet…it involved some mint green paint and some new modernized knobs.
We also decided that for $55 if we really f-it-up we could just donate it back. So we awkwardly attempted to stuff the china cabinet in our Pontiac Vibe and road foreheads to the windshield home. (so happy no one hit us—stressful drive home).
Restoring the china cabinet was hard work but surprising easy, you basically need to…
Sand down the entire cabinet—we used 150 sandpaper and went with the grain.
Matt used wood glue to cover the extra holes on the middle drawer, since I only wanted one knob on each side of that drawer.
After you sand off all the shiny wood paint, wipe down and dry your cabinet.
Pick your color paint (we actually used leftover paint from our accent wall in our living room, it stated on the can that it was safe for indoor furniture so we figured why not!).
Since we didn’t prime the cabinet we had to do more than one coat---two seemed to do the trick since we wanted the cabinet to have a shabby chic feel to it.
After we let the paint dry we added our cute flower knobs, thanks Pier 1!
Total cost of this project:
Cabinet: $55
Paint: Free (since it was leftover from when we painted our living room!)
Knobs: Originally $5 a knob on sale for $2.50.  $2.50x6= $15 plus a leftover Pier 1 gift card= $.81
Materials: Had sandpaper and brushes at home!
Total: $55.81
Don’t think you can beat that! Even if we only keep the cabinet for a few years.
Think we've found our new calling :-)


Brittany said...

I LOVE it! Y'all did an awesome job!!

Faith said...

So yeah, you both are pretty much amazing.

It looks great!

Now the only thing that would make it more complete is me and you sitting in your living room chugging wine.

Newlymeds said...

Super impressed! Looks professional!

TJOsMommy said...

Looks great!

I'd LOVE to see a picture of you all driving home with it in your car, though! ;)