Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dog Hair....

I love Chase but seriously dude, the dog hair is out of control.
I was making myself….let’s be honest; I was making Matt crazy because I was literally vacuuming the red area rug twice a day. (If not more, I was a little obsessed).
I decided it had to be done…..I had to move the dark area rug under the kitchen table, so Chase couldn’t shake a million pieces of fur on it every five seconds, and invest into a white area rug for the living room so the dog hair would be less noticeable.
Because seriously people, I was going MAD I tell you!! MAD!
I think it’s safe to say, this was probably the best decision of my life.
I can finally stop obsessing over the dog hair and relax when I’m in the living room.  
Also do you enjoy my 1970’s green chair? It was my Grandmother’s and my mom was going to get rid of it. I was all, “No waaaay, girl! Send it over here. We need the extra seating and I love how it’s puke green!!”
My sister said, “Aren’t you scared you’re going to walk downstairs and Cunnie’s (our Grandmother's) spirit is going to be sitting in that chair?”
Me, “No, but now I am!”
Also, did you notice that they are the same area rug only opposite colors?


Faith said...

i'm tempted to shave Izabella because of that reason. but then i realize that she won't be so cute without all the hair. Sean also reminds me that she doesn't even have a lot of hair so i shouldn't even complain. but man, i feel it is everywhere and you sweep/vacuum it up and it is there in a few minutes.

enough to make a girl go crazy!

and that 70s chair. i love it! it really is perfection {our word, haha} ;)

Whitney@Keeping Up with the Cyperts said...

Dude. I feel ya. I have 2 cats and they shed like CRAZY! It drives us nuts!

The chair is awesome!

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

I feel your pain! Sherman sheds like crazy. Luckily we have hardwoods, so we can clean it up pretty easy. BUT, it's still disgusting. why didn't we get a doodle? labradoodle, goldendoodle, something-or-other doodle??

Brittany said...

We used to have a chair just like that but was so comfy!! I love your rugs!

laura said...

She's sitting there and watching you. HAHA!