Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Never Trust a Rum Drink….

Matt played a show at a local bar on the water a couple Saturdays ago and I was super excited to go because almost all of our friends were coming out and we were celebrating a friend’s 30th birthday.
My girlfriend, Jilly, even volunteered to pick me up and drive me, (since Matt has to get to the shows early) I was thrilled because this meant I could really party.
And boy-oh-boy did I party....
The three straws in my ($10 “bucket”) drink should have been a clue that this delicious assortment of rum goodness was meant to be shared with others.
But my head felt all fuzzy and happy and I continued to drink….and drink.
I thought I would only drink one of these bucket treats (Hello, BUCKET! What was I thinking?) but then Matt offered me his that someone had bought for him and at that point….I thought, ”shit, why not?!”  
Clearly I was in buzzed Mandy mode, not thinking straight at all.
The drink was named “voodoo juice”….like that wasn’t a big enough clue to not go near that stuff with a ten foot pole.  
My sister and brother in-law even said they saw me after the bar “attempting” to walk the dog. When they screamed out the window, “Man, you HAVE A FENCE!  Put Chase in the backyard!” They said I stumbled and titled my head stating, “Oh, yeaaaah. I forgot.”   
I totally paid for it because I def. didn’t hold down my midnight snack and the next morning it took all my might and a nap to hold down my breakfast.
Basically I died the next day.
To make matters worse, the next day was my nephew’s 3rd birthday party. Thank god it was at 3:00. I was able to roll out of bed and eat my way through my hangover.
I told matt, “I’m NEVER drinking again!!”
I have yet to drink more than one beer.
Rum drinks….uhhh…I’m so over them.  
See...when everbody's doing it (Rum buckets) you all tend to get a little crazy....

Jess even came out for one last night of "freedom" I should of had what she was having...water.
Fun night, but I need to learn to tone it down.


Faith said...

haha, omg, i use to be so horrible. and then i got older. i can't hang with the big dogs anymore. so i just play it safe with my girly drinks that taste good and have hardly any alcohol in it.

and the worst thing ever is a hangover when you're old. not that you're old, i'm talking about me.

i remember a long time ago, i would be hung over, eat Mikey D's breakfast and i was good to drink that night. now i'm puking, crying, laying in bed all day and wishing that someone would take the pain away.

so yeah, moral of this story is that drinking a lot is just not fun anymore, haha.

unless of course i'm on vacation. then the misery doesn't really count because i can lay in bed or on the beach all day :)

laura said...

I thought I did pretty good with my bucket of fun until I saw this pictures and did not remember any of them.....hmmmm......