Monday, June 18, 2012

This weekend there was a lot of …

Barefoot Moscato wine with frozen blackberries (courtesy of my sister).
Grilling out…

(I don’t know, smoking cigs next to a gas grill might be a little risky. Just sayin)
Matt’s dad bought us our first grill!
The grill is so manly…..I want no part of that thing. I’ll leave the grilling to the men.   
Beef eating…
I’m beefed out at this point. Everything you can put on a grill, we did. And I ate it, all.
We ate those steaks at 10pm at night bc it took so long to build the grill. The flash on the camera makes it seem like we’re “normal” and eating at a decent time. Don’t let it fool you.
Overall, a lot of eating...

We even ate lunch Saturday at Red Robin and the waiter gave Travis this massive drink for free.
He was in straw heaven.

Overall, a busy but fun weekend!

Hope everyone enjoyed Father's Day with their Dads. I know I did!
(More on our Father's day later this week!)


laura said...

Awww Travis is so cute with his big drink. Meat look good.

Brittany said...

Yall's grill looks awesome! I wanna come over and pig out! :)

Faith said...

I want a grill gifted to me too ;)

What a great weekend. I want all the food and drinks.

I had the most amazing red wine sangria this weekend!