Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday “Perfection”

Big thanks to my blog bestie, Faith, for linking me up to her blog this fine Friday.
Faith and I are like long-lost-sisters. Our lives are very similar and we tend to talk, act and drink alike. (Us girls like our wine).
Figured since Faith linked me up, I’d do a little intro post for those of you who don’t know me.
A coworker made the comment the other day that I’m “just filled with rainbows and butterflies.”
Annoying right? But I highly enjoy both, so I’ll take it.  
And it’s probably true. I’m uber hyper and overly “smiley.” (You know how that combo alone is too much for people). I don’t mean to be so smiley but when your teeth are this big and white it tends to just happen.
Just enjoy it people.
Halloween 2010-Just note the teeth.

I’m married to a really good guy, Matt, and we have lots of fun together trying to figure out this whole marriage thing. It ain’t always pretty but we make it work in our own quirky way.
It sometimes gets awkward..

Matt is in a band I think he’s so rad.
I also very much enjoy my husband looking like a lumberjack, so the bigger the beard the better!
We recently bought our first home and I’m learning that my lumberjack hubs is really a Mr. fix-it. Totally impressed with him.
We also have our dog, Chase, who’s just as hyper as his parents and needs to be medicated. Seriously. His medicine is called “coma-calm” no joke. Chase ate our couch, and love seat and my bras….and my favorite winter jacket..and the list goes on.
Plans to grow our little family is in the near future but first I’m enjoying my summer (and wine).
Hope you’ll follow our little odd life.  


Faith said...

I loved this introduction!

OK seriously, anyone who sees this post is going to follow! They had better! ;)

And I agree, if you have big white teeth you might as well smile! Hahaha.

Georgina said...

I found you from Faith's blog and decided to follow - I really love your optimistic demeanor :)

Brittany said...

I love this! You are so gorgeous....I WANT YOUR HAIR!

laura said...

I like the last picture of you guys!!!