Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thursday Thoughts...

Fireworks show was awesome last night even though we sat entirely too close, resulting in ashes falling from the sky and onto our bodies. Ouch.
Beetles are in full force in B-more and think my hair is a home.
Best friends will do a lot but not get a beetle out of your hair-- every man for themself, I guess.
Me, “Ehh smells like boompers* up in here!” Emily, “Hot boompers*” Me, nodding my head in complete agreement about the restaurant's bathroom.
Hugs, remember Hugs? Make me insanely hyper and are not a good thing to drink before having to go to bed.

Love swimming in the pool. Hate when someone you don’t know very well has major wet-pool- boogies while you’re talking to them and you feel out of place to tell them. Gag me, please.
Love when you and four other unknown womaen are all reading the Fifty Shades trilogy at the pool. Naughty, naughty housewives.   
*Boompers: My mother’s name for a fart.
Hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July!
Can you believe its Friday tomorrow---woop woop!!


Faith said...

If I told you that I had a hug this weekend would you believe me? Well believe me! I did.

And I decided that it taste different! Not at all like the way it use to taste when I was younger.

And yea, I would not take beetles out of anyone's hair either, lol.

And the bathroom is the appropriate place to smell a fart. Not like an elevator or something.

laura said...

Dundalk smells like a boomper everywhere not just the bathroom you were in.